5. Nation-Wise people’s movement is the only remedy for solving our Basic Problems. – Waman Meshram

In the Inauguration Session of the 21 st National Convention BAMCEF, held at Gandhina Gujarat, Mr. Waman Meshram – the national President of BAMCEF, in his presidential address welcomed the workers coming from the different parts of Bharat and pointed out that more than 5 crores of rupees are spent annually for conducting programmes at different levels in different parts of the country. But many persons advise us that instead of conducting such programmes, we should start some schools or Colleges. But I wish to convince you that the movement initiated by our great persons is not going to fructify by opening a school or a College or by doing some charitable or social welfare work. In the society, social welfare work and charitable work will continue to take place, but it is not a movernent and what is badly required at present to solve our basic probiems is the Nationwise Movement. Without generating such a movement, our probiems will never be solved. I believe that the aims and objectives which our great leaders wanted to realize cannot be achieved without launching a nation-wise movement. We should identify and determine our aims and objectives and then apply our ability, capacity and energy to realize those objectives in practice, in reality. But first the objectives should be crystal clear before our eyes. In this way, we can achieve great things. The time-bound Programme that we made in 1999, its supreme objective was that we would create an effective nation-wise movement to achieve the goals set by our great persons, our great leaders. Without launching a nation-wise movement, these objectives and goals cannot be realized. Our great leaders had created a nation-wise movement for our liberation in slave Bharat (under British rule), but now how is it that this nation-wise movement has become weaker instead of becoming stronger and it has almost disappeared? This is also a problem about whose causes we have to apply our mind.
The movement that is being run by BAMCEF was first commenced in modern Bharat by father of the nation Mahatma Phule. Actually this is not a movement begun by Babasaheb Ambedkar though it was made stronger and organised in a systematic way by Dr. Ambedkar. Mahatma Phule started this movement in 1848 and conducted it for 42 years upto the year 1890 and in the year 1891, Babasaheb was born. After the demise of Mahatma Phule, his wife Savitribai Phule conducted and continued this movement and became responsible for its further growth. After her demise, Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj furthered the movement and in 1916, Baba Saheb Ambedkar entered this movement. Now before taking the leadership of this movement he studied the difFerent small-scale self-respect movements going on in different parts of the country and found a common defeet among them that there was no documentätion of these different movements. So when he entered into this movement in 1916, he started having domunetation of this movement and this documentätion is now also available. At that time whatever self-respect movements that were going on in different parts of the country, their goals also were not properly and clearly defined and consciously determined and fixed. So when Babasaheb Ambedkar started his movement, he put .before the people, the aims and objectives of this Movement in a crystal clear fashion, because people who wish to be successful, they should clearly formulate their aims and objectives. What they are feeling unconsciously they should bring it to the conscious awareness level and identify them and fix them äs goals to be achieved by this movement.

Three Defects Removed bv Babasaheb

Thus Babasaheb removed the three defects of this movement-

  1. First was lack of documentätion, and
  2. Second was absence of clear formulation of the goals of the movement. These two defects were removed by Babasaheb Ambedkar.
  3. The third defeet of these separately conducted moVements was that there was no mutual dialogue or co-ordination among these movements. He established dialogue among the leaders and workers of these separate movements and created co-ordination among them. For transforming this dialogue and co-ordination into a nation-wide movement, he had to struggle and work hard for 26 years. He began this work in 1916 and arranged the national convention of Scheduled Castes Federation in 1942 at Nagpur. This was the great achievement of Babasaheb Ambedkar’s movement. In order to transform these .separately conducted small scale move-meats into nation-wise and nation-wide movement, he had to struggle and work very hard “for 26 years. But ever before this, he had another great achievement to his credit. On 17th August, 1932, “Communal Award” was announced and on the basis of it, the British ruling power, made the “Second Indian Act” in 1935. Dr. Ambedkar succeeded m making the list of the castes to be included in the category of scheduled castes and in that of the scheduled tribes. Before it, the untouchables were divided into one thousand and five hundred different parts or castes. But there was no common identity or common name of these different castes who suffered from almost the same social ailments and the same social discrimination. Babasaheb gave the common name “Scheduled Castes’ these one and a half thousand castes. Dr. Ambedkar had taught a clear lesson that the people who do not learn a lesson from history, they cannot change history. We shall have to know correct history so that we can take a leaf out of the lesson that the study of history teaches us. The untouchables are having one and a half thousand or two thousand castes among them, but if they are asked who are they? They will immediately answer “Scheduled castes” unless they are asked further which caste among scheduled castes, they do not mention their caste on their own. People who haVe one identity, they can have one common Organisation.

Common Identitv Leads to Common Organisation

The first, condition of one nation-wide Organisation is one common name.We learn this lesson from history that Babasaheb developed one common name to these one and a half thousand castes in 1935 and then he could create one common Organisation of them in 1942. So we also made one schedule and that is of Mul Nivasis. Babasaheb made the schedule of one and a half thousand castes, we have made a schedule of 6000 castes which is that of Mulnivasi. Mulnivasi is the common identity of all the people belonging to these six thousand castes. This common identity will lead to common, united Organisation. Thus the common identity is the precondition of common Organisation. Thus we have to learn a lesson from history and apply it to the present conditions. Many people frequently utter the slogan “Babasaheb zindabad”. But only slogan mongering will not change the reality, because our enemies raise the slogan “Babasaheb Murdabad” and we say “Babasaheb zindabad”. Only slogan mongering of “zindabad” will not lead to zindabad. The movement started by our greät persons can be zindabad in reality. If this movement becomes successful, then there will be zindabad and then nobody will be able to stop it or arrest its growth. This is the important point that I wish to explain to our workers äs regards our “nation-wise movement

The Biegest Challenge before us

Today what is the biggest challenge before us? It is to create a nationwise and nation-wide movement. Then alone our basic problems can be solved, otherwise nothing is going to happen in the direction of solving our problems. But if we succeed (and we must succeed) in creating and developing such a movement, then many things will happen, otherwise nothing will happen even if we shout from our house tops the slogan of zindabad. Babasaheb first made a common identity, a common name to thousands of our castes and so a common Organisation became possible and due to common name and common Organisation, it became possible for Babasaheb to create a nation-wise movement of our people in slave Bharat. When Babasaheb created this movement we were the slaves of the slaves. Brahmins were the slaves of the Britishers and we were the slaves of the Brahmins. When Babasaheb created this movement, he had no resources, he was bereft of all resources. But now, today in independent Bharat, we have resources and a substantial number of our people are I.A.S., I.P.S. officers. In slave Bharat, our nation-wise movement was there, but in independent Bharat, how and why has this movement disappeared? Who is responsible for its disappearance? What are the causes? People who raise the slogans of zindabad of Babasaheb and of our other great persons, they do not raise these questions, because it becomes difficult to answer these questions. To answer them is also not enough, we have to go much deeper. This is a difficult matter. In 1942, two important events took place. In 1942, Subhaschandra Bose gave the call to the people “Let us go to Delhi.” In that very year 1942, Gandhi started “Quit India” Movement, in which he gave the call “Do or die” Gandhi who had preached non-violence throughout his movement, now asked the poeple, “To do or die”. When Gandhiji gave this call, Babasaheb Ambedkar wrote an article in which he annoünced that it is good that Mahatma had died and a human being had emerged. These three events took place in 1942. In the convention of the scheduled castes Federation held in 1942, whatever resolutions that were passed, they are closely associated with out constitutional rights. It is very necessary and pertinent to know the reasons for the disappearance of the movement of self-respect of pur people in independent Bharat when it was so active in slave Bharat. Unless we know the cause or causes of our illness, we cannot take any right step to remove that illness.

Poona Pact

Due to Poona Pact, Gandhiji succeeded in destroyihg our nation-wise movement. When the Poona Pact was arrived ät, there was one provision in it. The provision was that the power of selection of the candidates belonging to the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes will not belong to the high command of any politcal party, but it will belong to the people belonging to the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes and after selecting these condidates, they will elect from among the candidates, their representatives. Thus the loyalty of these elected representatives would be towards their own people i.e. to the people belonging to the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. But Gandhiji by using his influenece and putting pressure got removed this provision when the constitution of Bharat was framed. So now what is actually happening? When the candidates are to be selected, it is the BJP high command or the Congress high command which selects the candidates. When the list of candidates of a political party appears in the newspapers, we come to know that the BJP high command and the Congress high command have selected some candidates. So what happens? The scheduled castes and scheduled tribes candidates make a queue urging and begging to the BJP high command or the Congress high command for their selection as the reserve seats candidates of either the BJP or of the Congress. For one seat, there are more than 20 candidates. These urgers or so to say, beggars are disloyal people to the vital interests of their communities, because the BJP and the Congress are the exploiters of their eommunities. So there is competition among these beggars for showing greater disloyalty. Whosoever is the most disloyal i.e. the best Gaddär to his own Community, is selected by the BJP high command and the Congress high command. So our people have no choice, they have to elect their representatives from amongst these opportuhists, these betrayers. Their loyalty would be towards our exploiters and oppressors and not towards us from which they hail. Thus these party high commands would thrust upon us such opportunists and disloyal people as our representatives. This point was in the upper mind of Babasaheb, äs he had to look at Gandhiji and his tacties to understand this. So in the Poona Pact, he had insisted for the provision that the right to selection of the candidates belonging to the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes should vest in the hands of the people belonging to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes and they should then elect their representatives from amongst them. But this provision introduced by Babasaheb Ambedkar was got removed from Indian Constitution by the efforts and pressure of Gandhiji. The result is obvious to all. You can infer from this how correctly Babasaheb understood the tacties of Gandhiji and Brahmin-Bania clique. On the reserve seats for the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes people, our 119 representatives-get elected for the Parliament and our 1050 representatives for the state assemblies. But actually they are not our true representatives, they are loyal to the interests of Brahmins and Banias who had given them the party tickets as candidates for election. So political reservation becomes a hoax due to this topsy turvy provision

Disappearance of the Third Share

In 1946, Lord Wavell was the Governer General of Bharat and upto 1946, the British rulers had declared a definite policy that when they would leave Bharat as rulers and make it politically independent, there would be three sharer groups in power – namely the first-Hindus, the second-Muslims and the third-scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. But in actual transfer of power in 1947, only two sharer groups were there and the third sharer-group was conspicuously missing. Who usurped this third part? Who was responsible for its disappearance? In 1946, Lord Wevell delivered a speech on the All India Radio and Dr. Ambedkar in his book “What Gandhiji and the Congress have done to Untouchables” has printed this Wavell’s speech in the Appendix. Gandhiji, after hearing Lord Wevell’s speech on the radio, he sent a telegram to Lord Wavell and this telegram also has been printed in that book by Dr. Ambedkar. In this telegram, Gandhiji had opposed giving the third share to the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. When Lord Wavell was the Governor General of Bharat, there took place general elections in England and Churchill who was the hero of England and the Allies during the Second World War lost the election that took place after the end of the Second World War and the Labour Party led by clement Atlee came into power. Atlee changed the Governor General of Bharat and sent MountBatten as the new Governor General of Bharat. Mount Batten was ready to accept this offer with the condition that Atlee would not interfere in his work in Bharat and he should be given a free hand to seftle the issue of sharing power between different groups of Bharat so as to transfer power to the people of Bharat and thus grant political indiependence to them. The Britishers before leaving Bharat as rulers, they wanted to solve the problem of partition of the country and if they did not solve it, there would have been created chaos in Bharat and this would have harmed their prestige very badly at the international level. That is why the Atlee Government of England sent an energetic young man like Mount Balten as the last Governor General of Bharat to ease the way of granting political independence to Bharat by solving the burning communal problem. Mount Batten persuaded Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel that he was old then and whether he would not like to see Bharat getting Independence during his life time when it was his cherished goal throughout his political career and he and his colleagues becoming the rulers in the independent Government? Sardar was persuaded and he agreed with the plan of Mount Batten for the partition of the country. Mount Batten then approached Pandit Javaharlal Nehru and showed him the temptation that he would become the Prime Minister of independent Bharat and so he was also persuaded to agree with the partition of the country. Gandhiji came to know that Sardar and Jawahar both had agreed with the plan of the partition of the country and Sardar and Jawahar were his two arms and what would he do alone when he had already declared that the partition of the country could take place only on the partition of his body. He would not allow partition of the country to take place in any circumstances. Mount Batten after getting the consent of Sardar and Jawaharlal for partition of the country, he sent an invitation to Gandhiji for discussion. Gandhiji knew that Mount Batten was calling him to discuss the problem of partition qf the country when Sardar and Jawahar also had agreed to Mount Batten’s plan. So first he went to see Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and asked him if he opposed the creation of Pakistan, in that case whether he would Support him, because he was afraid that if Azad also joined with Sardar and Jawahar in agreeing with partition, what .he alone could do? So he asked Azad his opinion and Azad assured him that in that case, he would be with Gandhiji in opposing the .partition of the country.With this assurance of Maulana Azad, Gandhi went to see Mount Batten. But when he returned, after meeting him, he was found to be completely changed. The meeting of the Congress Working Committee took place in the presence of Gandhiji and the resolution for the acceptance of the partition of the country was adopted in Gandhiji’s presence. Gandhiji also agreed with it. Now the question is what transpired between Gandhiji and Mount Batten that Gandhiji who was opposed to partition tooth and nail, how he agreed to it? It means that some bargaining must have taken plaee between them. Of course, there is no record available in this respect. But we can imagine that when Mount Batten would have presented the plan for partition, Gandhiji would have opposed it Gandhiji was a bania and Britishers also were banias. When two banias meet there is business, there is give and take, so he would have said to Mount Batten that he would agree to partition with the condition that while transferring power and independence to Bharat, he would not grant the third share of power to the people belonging to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. Mount Batten would have agreed and thus the third share of the Scheduled Castes and scheduled tribes disappeared. It was the official policy of the British Government which Lord Wavell had proposed and which meant giving third share of power to the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. But Gandhiji had opposed this proposal of transferring third share to the people belonging to scheduled castes and the scheduled tribes and there are documentary evidences of his Opposition to it. Gandhiji would have told Mount Batten that he would be ready to accept the partition of the country if he would give up the plan of giving. 3rd share to the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. This discussion would have taken place between them. After this agreement, the Britishers told Ambedkar that they would not give the 3rd share in the transfer of power. Thus when Babasaheb came to know about this conspiracy, he immediately rushed to England. Babasaheb after reaching England, did not meet Atlee or any other leader or leaders of the Labour Party, because it was their plan and so he met Churchill, He had no other alternative except meeting Opposition party leaders. Now the British Government was not ready to give third share to S.C. & S.T. people and if this is joined with the proposal to Ambedkar to become the chairman of the drafting committee, it becomes clear that it was trifling compensation, Dr. Ambedkar may get an opportunity to provide for constitutional guarantees for the upliftment of his people in the constitution of Bharat. Gandhi agreed with the partition of the country and with his prior condition for this acceptance, the Britishers abandoned the issue of 3rd share to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes in the transfer of power on the eve of Bharat’s political independence. What was the result? On 14th August, 1947, Pakistan came into existence and the Muslims of Pakistan got power. In Bharat, in the name of Hindus, Brahmans are the rulers. Due to this reason, Babasaheb met Gandhiji and insisted for the right of selection of the candidates by their society as provided in Poona Pact rather than by the political party or parties. But Gandhiji refused to discuss this matter with Babasaheb. Gandhiji did not budge at all in this respe’ct. Thus from the Poona Pact, whatever little justice was there to safeguard our vital interests, that even was obliterated and what remained in it was very dangerous.

Real Nature of Political Reservation

So in 1948, Babasaheb had conducted a movement for filling the jails by our freedom fighters under the leadership of Mr. R. R. Bhole and under which Mr Mansingji was imprisoned in Lukhnow. Thus Babasaheb had conducted the movement to finish off the political reservation of SC and ST in the Parliament and the state assemblies. But after 60 years, what is happening? Babasaheb said ‘remove it’, but what are they doing? When Jawaharlalji was the Prime Minister, he used to propose the Bill for the extension of political reservation to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes in the Loksabha and Bajpaiji used to get it passed. When Atalji became the Prime .Minister, he submitted the Bill and Soniaji got it passed in the Loksabha. Without any discussion on it, we have to struggle everyday very hard in getting reservation applied in practice in government and semi-government Services, in educational institutions and in technical education institutiones, but they do not give us and cleverly they put hrdles in it. But we donot demand political reservation, but at the lapse of every period of 10 years, our opponents take the initiative and care to elongate the period for political reservation for another 10 years. If this political reservation was not in favour of these high caste people, they would never have supported it or taken initiative every time. Due to this political reservation, we got a definite nümber of seats in the Parlament and the state assemblies for the scheduled castes and the scheduled tribes, but because they were selected by the political parties under the domination of Brahmins and Banias and also elected by all the people of the respective constituences, their loyalty was to their selectors i.e. the election ticket givers who are high caste people. But the Brahmin-Bania axis has been flourishing at the cost of the 85% of the people of Bharat who are the original inhabitants of Bharat, so our so called (elected) represntatives betray our interests and thus prove to be agents on behalf of the high caste people and their political parties. When these betrayers and agents got social. Legitimacy, the nation-wise and country-wide movement that ßabasaheb had created. In slave Bharat, that movement of ours was destroyed in independent Bharat. The constitutional rights that our forefathers had secured after struggling for about 108 years, if those rights would have been implemented rather than kept on paper only, then we also would have got real freedom and independence in independent Bharat. The great movement that was intiated by our forefathers was now replaced by agents, black sheeps and cheaters and such betrayers of our vital interests got legitimacy in society and established themselves äs our representätives. But this was wrong and a great hoax and they actually worked for the interests of the high caste people. But the’photos of such agents are published in the newspapers and the ruling caste people teil us that these are your representätives and actually. They are used äs pawns in raising. a counter-movement against our true and real fighters. Thus the high-caste people finished off our movement by making and implementing a deliberate and planned conspiracy. So unless we plan and create a nation-wise movement of our 85% of the people who are the original inhabitants of Bharat, our constitutional rights would remain only on paper and they would not be carried into practice and thus ultimately, our consititution itself will taper off.

Introduction of LPG Policies

Now what is the Situation at present? The ruling castes have found out a new way of avoiding the Implementation of our contitutional rights without formally destroying it. Now the Programme of LPG i.e. liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation that has been going on with füll speed has not spared even the industrialists of our Bahujan Samaj Mulnivasis. Some wealthy people belonging to Bahujan Samaj who think that on the basis of their wealth, they would be able to withstand the onslaughts of LPG, they are not right. In Gujarat, some people of Prajapati caste met me. They pointed out to me that their two lakh people work in the brick-making industry. But the Government’made one law.and our two lakh workers became unemployed. I explained to them that this was the result of LPG. For finishing off our constitution, now there is no necessity of formally tinkering or changing the constitulion. The ruling castes are ready to worship our constitution, drafted by Babasaheb but they are not at all prepared to implement it in practice. The rights that are engraved in the constitution are in reality, the sources of power and strength. Constitutional rights are not mere rights, they are the sources of power and strength if they could be properly implemented. In 1942, Babasaheb could succeed in getting inserted the 8% reservation for our people in the Second Bharat Federal Act. It was because of that Provision of reservation since 1942 that Mr. K.R. Narayan could become an I.A. S. officer and afterwards, he could become the President of Bharat. Thus though the constitutional rights are the sources of power and strength äs we have seen, but they have got one defect that they do not flow automatically to the people or the constitution does not bring them to your doorsteps. We have to snatch them and that requires merits and qualifications oh our part. But the programme of LPG has been doing away with these merits and qualifications of ours. Due to our reservation in Jobs in Government and some government orgänisations and in admission in educational institutions, our people with such * merits and qualifications had come into being, but now due to privatisation and liberalisation and globalisation, our reservations are destroyed and so our people with merits and qualifications (who can avail of such constitutional rights) will be almost found to be compicuously absent. The constitutional rights will remain, but there will not be people from amongst u s who can be meritorious to avail of these rights. They will cease to be qualified to enjoy these rights. In our constitution, it is written that the right of living is a fundamental right, the inherent right. But for the people who are dying due to hunger, whether their right to live has any meaning because despite .this right, they are dying. To teil them that they have got the fundamental right of living (guaranteed by our constitution), will not stop them from collapsing and dying. But this also does not mean that in our country, there is any scarcity bf foodgrains. There was green revolution, electricity was available, water was there, chemical fertilizers were profusely used where per one reasonable unit of land, quintal food grains were produced, now it was producing 10 quintals of foodgrains. We are now exporting foodgrains to foreign countries instead of importing from them. But in Bharat, some 20 crore and 80 lakh people are on the fringe, say almost in the trap of starvation. They are not getting foodgrains to eat. What kind of emergency,.The Government has silently or implicitly declared that no electric media, no print media prints this fact that such a vast number of people of Bharat have been suffering from hunger and starvation and they are under the grip of prematured death. If anybody prints it, that paper or media would be declared to be the betrayer of the country. They have been trying to see that the people of the world should not know that such a vast number of people suffer from dire hunger and starvation. When some people in Ethiopia were dying from starvation, the Government of Bharat decided to send 20 lakhs of tons of foodgrains to Ethiopia free of Charge, just donating them as aid. So the people of the world may think that Bharat is a great country and there may not be any chronically starving people in Bharat. But the stark fact is that in Bharat 20 crore and 80 lakh people have been sufFering from severe starvation and they have been dying in a large number due to it. When we bring this fact to the notice of the people of the world, they feel that this may not be true and we may be circulating a false story. This is due to the fact that the ruling castes have got complete control over all the sources of information and actually it is they who have been providing the people of the world with totally false information. What information and what kind of information to release and circulate for opinion making is within their control. 1t is they who have been-providing the people of the world with totally false information. What information and what kind of information to release and circulate for opinion-making within the country and abroad is deeided by them. “Now in order to finish off, the constitution, there is no necessity of burning it or making any amendments in it. Only apply the policy of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation and everything will be finished off and nothing substantial will be saved. The consequences of the application of the programme of LPG are so grave that the ruling castes are not sparing even the industrialists of the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. Ambanis took IPCL under their control and the employees serving in them who belonged to the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes were meticuously identified and then driven out mercilessly from Service. This example is before our very eyes, because this fact was disclosed to us by our two or three BAMCEF workers who were serving with others of our people in IPCL. The ruling castes in Bharat have made the plan of making Bharat great upto the year 2020 through the greater and greater application of the programme of LPG. When Bharat will become great and will prosper, we all will decay, such a dangerous this programme of LPG is.! 14 years have elapsed since the commencement of the application of the Programme of LPG in Bharat and what has happened to the people at large? It has worsened the condition of the doowntrodden people from the poverty line to still its lower level of starvation within this period of 14 years. Actually the poverty line and the line of starvation are two different things and the latter line is worse than the former one. This is the true record of the achievements of the programme of LPG in Bharat. The ruling castes are careful enough never to use to term “hunger” or starvation” but they deceitfully use the term “Mälnutrition”. Our edu’cated people think that this may be some kind of a disease. The ruling castes are very smart and they know that if they use the word “starvation” rather than “malnutrition” not only educated people, but the uneducated and even the illiterate people will understand the real meaning of it and so they cunningly use the wörd “malnutrition line” instead of the “starvation line” to describe the prevailing worse Situation than that of “the poverty line”, from which crores of people suffer. This situtation has been created due to the application of the Programme of LPG in our country.

Two Party System Under Brahminical Domination

But a more dangerous conspiracy than that of LPG has been active in our country and it is the prevailing two party parliamentary tradition in the form of NDA Front led by Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) and the other one UPA Front led by the Indian National Congress. If the BJP Front has to be defeated, then the Congress Front has to be brought into power and if the Congress Front is to be defeated, then the BJP Front has to be brought into power. BJP led NDA Front is that of Brahmins and the Congress led UPA Front also is under Brahminical domination. If one Brahmin group is to be discarded, another Brahmin group has to be placed on our heads. It means that if one Brahmin is driven out, another Brahmin sits on our head. Thus if Rajaram goes, Sitaram comes and if Sitaram goes, Rajaram comes and for the people there is no other alternative except that of reciting the Bhajan -Rajaram, Sitaram, Sitaram, Rajaram. When there are elections and the BJP comes into power, the LPG Programme is applied and if the Congress comes into power, then also LPG Programme is implemented. After the recent elections, now the Government at the centre is formed under the leadership of the Congress Party and Mr. Chidambaram – the Finance Minister of the central Government announced in the meeting of the Chamber of Commerce held at Chennai that the econqmic policies that the BJP applied those very policies (of LPG) will continue to be applied and there will not be any change in them. What the BJP Government would have or should have done, we would do it. The Mulnivasis (original inhabitants) of Bharat should have been exploited more and therefore we would now complete that unfinished dirty Job. It means that we are applying the programme of Liberalisation Privatisation and Globalization full fledgedly and we have placed in Operation the daughter of Jagjivanram – Mirakumar, Ramvilas Paswan, Satyanarayana Jatia and other so-called leaders of ours like them, to demand reservation in privatised industries. Instead of opposing privatisation of nationalised industries itself, our people have become busy in demanding reservation in privatised industries and the real issue is surrendered and a sort of a fog is created on it by making a demand which is not going to be accepted. Our people do not realize that in demanding reservation in privatised industries, they are granting ligitimacy to privatisation of nationalised industries and become a consenting party to it. The ruling castes are busy applying the LPG programme and our people are busy making applications and supplications. It means that our people as if wish tp convey that you may put us on the brink of starvation, but at least, from the feast of the LPG Programme, give us something. Our people elected Ramvilas Paswan and sent him to Loksabha as our representative, but Ramvilas Paswan approaches the people and in his Speeches goad them vociferously to demand reservation of Jobs in privatised industries, but when he goes to Loksabha, he becomes silent and keeps mum. When there is a meeting of the cabinet, there also, he does not speak anything against it. Thus where he should speak, he does not speak and the place where he should not speak, he does speak and our people clapped their hands in appreciation of his guts. But nothing concrete is going to happen from such gimmicks of spreaking where I should not have done it and where one should not have done it one has done quite the opposite of it. The place where policy discisions are taken, our leaders are silent. Decisions are being taken against our vital interests and our leaders are tight-lipped. The System emanating from the Poona Pact, that the ruling castes have developed has given rise to all these problems. We shall have to know and understand it as the direct result emanating from the Poona Pact. Poona Pact is the low quality factory constructed by Gandhi. How can you expect a better quality product from a worse quality factory? So it is inevitable that from a low quality factory only low quality product will be coming forth. Thus due to two party parliamentary System that has been prevailing in our country, nobody is going to lend his ear to our woes. We have got the right to vote, but we have got no other alternative except choosing either Congress led alliance or BJP led alliance and both being Brahminical parties, our right to vote has become powerless and hence there is no impact of it on political and economic decision-making. This is the most dangerous Situation for us. In such a Situation, you may feel that there is no ray of hope and everything is dark and disappointing. But all hopes are not exhausted. Still there is time to give U-turn to the Situation upto the year 2010. The constructive and hopeful alternative to the prevailing hopeless Situation is there and it is to create a country-wide and nation-wise people’s movement. If we succeed and we must succeed in building up such a nation-wise people’s movement, then we can control the entire Situation and change it in the right direction which can solve our basic problems. This is the only solution and that alternative is still available. Therefore we have resolved to spread the network of our Organisation in 550 districts and 5000 tahsils upto the end of the year 2006. At present, already our netwroking is there in 460 districts and 2000 tahsils and upto December 2006, this net-working will cover 550 districts and 5000 tahsils and within the same period of time i.e. upto the end of December, 2006, the Front of students, youths and women would be ready to struggle democratically and peacefully for the restoration of rights guaranteed in our constitution and also in the UNO’s Charter of rights. From the year 2007 to 2009, it will be our efforts that this movement of ours may progress further and may get transformed into the nation-wise people’s movement. It is our plan to mobilise 15 crore people upto the end of the year 2009. Therefore, in this convention, we have not invited the crowd, because this is the factory to create the leaders for the crowd. Where there are leaders, there are followers also and where there are not leaders, there are not followers. Only those persons are leaders who have got followers.

BAMCEF – the only Cadre-Based Organisation of the Mulnivasis of Bharat

Through the medium of the intellectual class that has been created by the movement started by our greatmen, we have built up the cadre-based BAMCEF Organisation. BAMCEF is the only cadre-based Organisation of the Mulnivasis (original inhabitants) of Bharat. To merely hold the convention is not the aim, the aim is to build up the nation-wide people’s movement and we are convinced that the distance between us and the success is that of time only. Except this, there is nothing else. In corroboration of this development, I wish to give one example. In the past when some programme of R. S. S. or Vishwa Hindu Parishad or Bajrang Dal was going on, then our people used to try to create disturbance in such programmes, but now when our programme was there in Miraj (Maharashtra), persons belonging to RSS and BJP tried to create disturbance in this programme. It means that the Situation is reversed. Before, we were creating disturbance in their programmes and now they are trying to create disturbance in our programmes. They try to bring pressure on us. We tell them that we would do our work within the confines of Law. We shall not take Law in our hands. Persons who try to create disturbance in our programmes, they think that they would have to stop us, as our movement is rapidly progressing. In Rajkot (Gujarat) also, our opponents let loose the false Propaganda against me for 15 days, but I did not make a single comment upon it. You know that when the elephant is walking along the road, the dogs bark at it, but the elephant goes on walking, it does not even look at them. We also should have the quality of the elephant.

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