National Issues and Speeches

1. Dravidians and Nagas are one and the same people – Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

Who are the Dravidians? Are they different from the Nagas? Or are they two different names for a people of the same race? It is a fact that the term Dravidians and Nagas are merely two different names for the same people. It is not to be denied that very few will be prepared to admit the proposition that the Dravidians and Nagas are merely two different names for the same people and fewer that the Dravidians as Nagas occupied not merely South India but that they occupied the whole of India—South as well as North. Nonetheless these are historical truths.

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2. Denunciation of Poona Pact – Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

The untouchables were forced to sign the Poona Pact under the impact of the coercive fast of Mr.Gandhi. Dr. Ambedkar denounced it the very next day expressing his views, “The untouchables were sad. They had every reason to be sad.” He kept denouncing it till the end of his life in 1956. He denounced it in private discussions, public meetings, relevant writings, in fact on all the occasions that demanded denunciation.

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3. Statement by Dr.B.R.Ambedkar on Gandhi’s Fast(Statement on Mr.Gandhi’s attitude at the Round Table Conference towards the untouchables and their demand for Constitutional Safeguards, 19th September 1932.) – Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

I need hardly say that I was astounded to read the correspondence between Mahatma Gandhi, Sir Samuel Hoare and the Prime Minister, which was published recently in the Papers, in which he has expressed his determination to starve himself unto death till the British Government of its own accord or under pressure of public opinion revise their opinion and withdraw their scheme of communal representation for the Depressed Classes. The unenviable position, in which I have been placed by the Mahatma’s vow of self-immolation, can easily be imagined.

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4. Is Gandhi a Mahatma? – Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

Is Gandhi a Mahatma? I am sick of this question. There are two reasons why this question annoys me. Firstly, I hate all the Mahatmas and firmly believe that they should be done away with. I am of the opinion that existence is a curse to the nation in which they are born.
The reason why I say so is because they try to perpetuate blind faith in place of intelligence and reason.

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5. Nation-Wise people’s movement is the only remedy for solving our Basic Problems. – Waman Meshram

In the Inauguration Session of the 21 st National Convention BAMCEF, held at Gandhina Gujarat, Mr. Waman Meshram – the national President of BAMCEF, in his presidential address welcomed the workers coming from the different parts of Bharat and pointed out that more than 5 crores of rupees are spent annually for conducting programmes at different levels in different parts of the country. But many persons advise us that instead of conducting such programmes, we should start some schools or Colleges. But I wish to convince you that the movement initiated by our great persons is not going to fructify by opening a school or a College or by doing some charitable or social welfare work.

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6. Social Polarisation of SCs and OBCs can destroy brahminical system Hence, through communists, they are trying to break it – D.K.Khaparde

Mr, D.K. Khaparde, leading functionary of BAMCEF presided over the session. In his presidential address he said that one peculiar question is disturbing our mind today. The question is that revolutionary circumstances have been created in the country, but revolution is not taking place. It has become a riddle as to how revolution can take place. Only because revolutionary circumstances have been created in the country revolution will not come. To bring about revolution, many other things are needed. The objective of BAMCEF is change of system. It is being repeatedly mentioned here. We are also saying that circumstances for change of system are already existing in the country. But the actual change is not taking place. Why this change of system is not taking place? To understand its complexities, we have kept this topic for discussion today,

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7. Brahminical forces are trying to retain their monopoly, domination and rule through judiciary and hence, are using judiciary for this purpose – D.K.Khaparde

Mr. D. K, Khaparde, National President of BAMCEF presided over the function. Concluding the discussions, and debate on the topic, he said, I am connected with the activities of our people in Delhi for last 25 years or so. I have found a large scale change has come in the ways of thinking of our people all over the country.

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8. Election of K.R. narayanan as President off india A manipulation of Ruling Castes – Waman Meshram

K.R. Narayanan is all set to become the next President of India. He is being called as the first Dalit President of the country. It is now clear that almost all political parties, except Shivsena have declared support to his candidature. Why Narayanan has become such a darling boy of all political parties and what is the manipulation behind making him President? Is it an attempt by the Ruling Castes to satisfy the scheduled castes by mere tokenism, who are actually demanding share in power? Can they be satisfied by this? In this article all these aspects are being exposed – Editor

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9. “The Arya-Brahmanical forces wants to reserve 100% jobs in services for themselves, that’s why they are sabotaging the reservation system and bringing towards its end” – Waman Meshram

Reservation is the tool provided by the con stitution to interfere within the system. Most of the people who had got into service through reservation don’t know this fact Most of the intellectuals arc of the opinion that reservation is provided only to get service and nothing else. Once our intellectual get’s into service, they forget everything. So there is a need of a elaborate discussion on this subject. These were the views expressed by Mr.Waman Meshram, Na tional President. BAMCEF. While concluding the session of fourth Delhi state convention which was or ganized at community center. Karol Bagh. New Delhi on 15lh October 2002 (Dussera Day)

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10. Creating people who can think, is a sort of revolution. BAMCEF in last 20 years, has created such people. This is its greatest achievement – D.K.Khaparde

Mr. D.K. Khaparde, National Presidentof BAMCEF presided over the inaugural session. In his presidential address, he said, why we chose to invite Dr. Yogendra Yadav as a chief guest. Because we want to have dialogue with the intellectuals of our society, working in different fields. But the scope of our dialogue is not unlimited. It is limited to only those communities, who are part of bahujan samaj.

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11. The Backward class didn’t recognise themselves as Shudras is the root cause of their mental Slavery – Waman Meshram

Elaborating the basic cause of organizing the convention Mr. Waman Meshram said that or ganizing a convention is not the objective before the organization. BAMCEF had its specific objec tive behind organizing, any type of program or con vention and that objective is to establish the nation wide network BAMCEF had chalked out a broad networking programme and had applied specific strat egies to implement it. For example, the convention has been organized in Bhopal and we are discuss ing the problems of those people who are residing in 6.5 lakh villages. It means that there is a wide gap of communication between the people who had gathered here in the convention and the people who are residing in villages. Unless and until the gap is filled up, none of the movement is going to get success or rather it cannot be established. HENCE, BAMCEF had planned to spread its social net work in all the villages were the indigenous are re siding. Geographically India is divided into 583 Districts, 5500 Tahsils and 6.5 lakh villages. In the first phase, the network will spread in almost 550 districts by the year 2004.

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12. Sanskritisation is not only Sanskritisation, but it is a part of conspiracy under Brahmanisation and Slaverisation, to divide the Mulnivasi Bahujans and make them slaves – Waman Meshram

The 12th Madhya Pradesh state conven tion was organised in the capital city Bhopal. Speaking on the topic “The brahmanisation of Mulnivasi Tribals-Campaign not only to make them Hindu, but to end their identity of Indigenous Tribals.”, Mr. Waman Meshram, national president, BAMCEF said that the word Brahmanisation means a system atic program which Brahmins had implemented to make the Mulnivasis (Indigenous) slave. Usually Brahmins propagate that their religion is a religion, but we consider it as a conspiracy they had devel oped the social system, which they propagated as one of the best social system, but we say that it is the conspiracy to divide the Mulnivasi Samaj. They had developed the social system and divided it into 4 parts. Then they further divided the Varna system into caste system and made degraded caste system by dividing the indigenous into 6000 castes. Indi rectly they wanted to divide the strength of mulnivasis into pieces. Our enemy wants to make us slave. It is the rule of nature that for every action there is reac tion. But though we are slaves, there is no reaction from the slaves. Why it is so? They had made a conspiracy and divided the Mulnivasis to such a small group that they will never stood up for any reaction or anti-revolution and will always remain slave.

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In a Democracy, the press media has to play a very important role. In any democracy, creating public opinion is a duty of press media. A real democracy cannot function without public opinion. Basically, Democracy is against Brahminism. Therefore, in a democratic setup, Brahminism cannot survive. The Brahmins know it very well. it is due to this fact, the Brahminism has formulated its own strategy and policy to control this fourth pillor of democracy (Press Media) with a view to establish control over it and to convert it into Brahminocracy. As a result of this strategy, today we find that the press media is under control of Brahmins & Bahiyas.

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14. Why was Gandhi assassinated? Gandhi sacrificed the rights of the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes to create Pakistan – Waman Meshram

Addressing the people gathered in the convention on 16* April i.e. on the occasion of “Day of Creation of Nation-wide Movement” in the afternoon session on the subject, “Why Gandhi was assassinated”, Mr. Waman Meshram said, “The Brahmins tell us that Amrit emerged out of the Samudra Manthan that was done jointly by the Devas and the Asuras.

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Addressing the last session of the 1st day of the 22nd National Convention held at Agra, Mr. Waman Meshram says that the subject designed for this session is very important in view of Nationwide Movement. The citizenship Amendment Act. 2003 alternatively as long as this Act remains applicable which has deprived the migratory Bengalis from their rights for citizenship, their problem could not be/would not be sorted out and solved until and unless it is seen to combine with the movement of our great dignitaries and personalities of Bengolies and linking it with the prospective to revive it in the form shape thereof as the Nationwide Movement. These two enter-linked subjects have been designed to discuss and debate there on.

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16.”The burning problem of the Mulnivasi Bahujan and the need to create nationwide Movement”. We are going to transform the slogan, ‘Freedom in a Rupee’ into a mass movement. This shall be a People’s Campaign” – Waman Meshram

‘Addressing the people gathered in the convention in the inauguration session, Mr. Waman Meshram said in his presidential speech, “It was decided to generate about one corer and one lakh rupees for the creation of nationwide movement. But you have generated only 35 lakh rupees. On one hand I want to thank you for this. But on the other hand I want to warn you that there are those people who have cores of unaccounted black money. If you want to fight with such people who have corers of rupees, then this war cannot be won by only contributing a few lakh rupees. Though I thank you for contributing this much but I want to warn you that with these resources we cannot run our movement. Therefore from 16th April to the end of September we shall organize programmes in about 100 centers covering 500 districts in which you will have to contribute a minimum of 1 lakh to a maximum of 5 lakhes rupees to compensate for this backlog. Accord¬ingly we have made a plan and we shall try to implement it.

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17.“The second stage of Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation which includes privatisation of higher and professional education, Conversion of retail marketing into global marketing, Centralisation of retail market into private hands is a conspiracy to nullify and thereby sabotage the constitutional rights of the indigenous people (Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj) of India so as to force slavery on them.” – Waman Meshram

From last year on 16th April at ShivajiPark, Mumbai, we started organising the joint celebrations of our great leaders. We are organizing these joint celebrations of the birthdays of our great leaders at Ahmedabad on a national level this year.

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