Imp Achievements Of BAMCEF

  • Poison of hatred is being fed daily to the brains of SC, ST and OBC against Muslims and all minorities(Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Christian, Lingayat) by the disparater’s. We have undertaken nationwide program to remove this poison.
  • Issue of riots is not the problem of Muslims only, but it is related to the issue of use of SC, ST and OBC as a weapon. Target is not Muslims but the SC, ST and OBC. If there is no use of SC, ST, OBC there would not be any riots in Bharat.
  • Intellectual establishment of BAMCEF and Bharat Mukti Morcha is astonishing. Intellectual level is reputed. BAMCEF is a cadre-based organization. People of disparater’s are even afraid to debate with the people of BAMCEF.
  • A campaign is run at national level to create feeling of brotherhood among SC, ST, OBC and Minorities for nation building.

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H. No. 14/11263, Kelakoti, Doriwalan, Near Gaushala road, Karolbagh, New Delhi - 110005

BAMCEF Sachivalay :
Survey No. 5, 4/311, Keshav Nagar, Mundhwa, Pune, 411036, Maharastra.

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Contact No : 01147035902

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