• Since thousands of years, efforts to uproot the system of inequality have been going on. We are yet to achieve complete success in this. In this struggle, thousands of great people sacrificed their lives and became martyrs but the objective has not been fully achieved. ‘Change of System’ is a great task but an arduous task. Therefore, it is a ‘Mission’ and the activist working for the fulfillment of this mission can be called as a ‘Missionary’. For the fulfillment of this mission, thousands and lakhs of people will be required. Only then the objective can be achieved. The first and foremost duty of all those people who have been benefited from the movement of RashtrapitaJotiraoPhule, BabasahebDr.B.R.Ambedkar and PeriyarRamasami is to come forward on their own through self-motivation and self-inspiration to accomplish this task.

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