In a Democracy, the press media has to play a very important role. In any democracy, creating public opinion is a duty of press media. A real democracy cannot function without public opinion. Basically, Democracy is against Brahminism. Therefore, in a democratic setup, Brahminism cannot survive. The Brahmins know it very well. it is due to this fact, the Brahminism has formulated its own strategy and policy to control this fourth pillor of democracy (Press Media) with a view to establish control over it and to convert it into Brahminocracy. As a result of this strategy, today we find that the press media is under control of Brahmins & Bahiyas.
If you have a cursory look at the press-Media, we can find that the chain-papers of the country are being owned by Baniyas, whether it is a “HINDUSTAN TIMES” group of Birla, “TIMES OF INDIA” group of Jain-Dalmiya, ‘EXPRESS” group of Goenka, “PIONEER” group of Thapar or “LOKMAT” group of Darda or “JAGARAN” group of Agarwal. Form this group of publication, it can be proved that these, “chain-papers” are controlled by Baniyas.
These chain-papers have very many striking features. The most important feature of these publications is that, they prepare the readers, to think the same way, as these papers ought to think and the most dangerous thing about these Chain-papers is that their influence is not limited to the readers alone, but most dominating influence of them can be seen over language and regional papers. The policy or the information-instructions, these chain papers decide, the same is being followed and repeated by language and regional papers.
The way the “FUNDS” of Baniyas are controlling the print media, the same way the “BRAIN” and “PEN” of Brahmins is controlling it. it is therefore, we call this Print Media a “BRAHMIN-BANIYA Print Media”. There are other features of Brahmin-Baniya Print Media, because of which it can be easily identified. These features are given below in brief;-

  1. Opposition to fundamental rights of Bahujan Samaj.
  2. To Fool the Bahujan Samaj and Educate the Ruling Castes.
  3. To Create Conflict among Scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Castes.
  4. To make the stooges as leaders and assassinate the character of real leaders.
  5. Instead of propagating the Information, Propagate the “OPINION”.
  6. To protect the interest of Brahmin Baniyas.
  7. To Spread and propagate hatred in SC, ST & OBC’s against Muslims.
  8. To create fraise issues and to supress the real issues.
  9. To Defame the image of movement of Bahujan Samaj, which is actually agitating for the Cause.

To support and defend state terrorism. As per our understanding, these are the features of Brahmin-Baniya Print Media, according to which it can be identified. When we find these features in any print media, we call it as Brahmin-Baniya Print Media.

Many people of Bahujan Samaj do not have requisite information. When you want to think over any issue from historical perspective, you must-know everything about it and also the roots of these issues. During Pre-independence days, the struggle of Gandhi, was being opposed and suppressed by British Print Media. To resist these attempts of British Press, Gandhi coaxed his Caste felIows, to start their own Press-Media. Birlas and Goenkas are most prominent among them. Therefore, Gandhi is the creator of Brahmin-Baniya Press-Media. And it is only this press Media that build up the image of cunning Gandhi, as Mahatma. From this single example, we can understand, how powerful, this press-media is, which converted the image of a cunning “SOUL” into a “GREAT SOUL”. (Mahatma).


The Role of Print Media is to educate the masses. In this the same way, its role is also to propagate the requisite information in the masses, so that they can form their opinion over any issue. Is Brahmin-Baniya Print-Media propagating information in the Masses? In our opinion the Brahmin-Baniya Print Media is not propagating, information in the masses. Actually it is suppressing such information from Masses, which may threaten the interests of Brahmin-Baniyas. From this, one can conclude that the Brahmin-Baniya Print-Media is not the Media of Propagation of Information. Infact, it is a Media of Propogating “OPINIONS” and that too, opinions, which suit their interests. This Print Media is trying to propagate and create only such “OPINIONS” which are favourable to Brahmins-Baniyas.


The Varna-Vyavastha is composed of four Varnas, out of which the first three Varnas are having all rights. Their population is only 15% and their population of those Castes, which are denied rights, is 85%. When there was no democracy in the country, this Varna system, its concepts and ijs code of conduct was a means to establish domination over the majority Castes. But when democracy began, and the majority Shudra – Ati-Shudra Communities (i.e. today’s Scheduled Castes, Tribes, other backward classes and religious minorities) got the right of Adult Franchise, it became increasingly impossible to establish domination over these majority Shudra-Ati-Shudra and minority communities. Therefore it became necessary for Brahminism to invent new methods and techniques to retain their domination. Brahmin-Baniya Print-Media, is a part of these Techniques, whose main role is to build up the “opinion” of majority Shudras – Ati-Shudras, in their favour, so that in the changed situation, this domination can be retained.


The hatred-campaign of Brahminism of last two thousand years, has made the condition of Shudras – Ati-Shudras i.e. the Scheduled Caste, Tribes, other Backward Castes and the minorities, from bad to worst. It has made them most helpless, hopeless and slaves. All these people are “EXPLOITED” and “RULED” Communities and they form the majority in the country. In a Democracy, it is only the Majority that should rule. But instead of this majority ruling the country, what we find today is that 15% Brahmin-Baniya-and Kshatriya minority is ruling the country. Though the Bahujan Samaj is in Majority, it is not ruling the country. Why it is so?


If Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes and religious minorities are pulled together, they form the majority. But they are divided and separated into six thousand Castes (6,000). Though they are in majority, they are yet to become one Bahujan Samaj. Unless and until these people, who are divided into 6,000 Castes, come together and form one Samaj, they cannot become Rulers, though they are in actual majority. Only because of their majority they cannot become Rulers. Unless and until, there is a common social interest and there is a realisation of this interest, they cannot become one ‘Bahujan Samaj’. And unless and until they become Bahujan Samaj, this majority class cannot become Rulers. Today, it is very easy to form a political party of the majority class, but very difficult to form ore samaj of this majority class. To form one samaj is not a political task. It is a non-political task and it is a time consuming and complex task. The 3rahmin-Baniya Print-Media does not want this process of making Bahujan Samaj to succeed. Therefore this print media is actively working against this process.


Varna system is such a system, which gives better planning to establish domination over Shudras – Ati-shudras. This system has not only given-rights and privileges to first Three Varnas, but it has also given them, the right of self-respect and honour. And the Shudra – Ati-Shudras have not only been denied rights and privileges but have also been denied this self respect and honour. When the country got independence, Gandhi with the help of Nehru has re-established this Varna System. Those who were given rights, privileges, honour and self-respect previously, were given more rights now. Is it not true? Democracy stands on four pillars and the Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas have control over these pillars. This is the contribution of Gandhi-Nehru to their Castes. Has this happened automatically? In this way, those who were dominating in the social setup became also dominating in the democratic setup. All these Varnas and castes are Ruling and Exploiting Castes. At the best, we can say Kshatriyas and Vaishyas are assistants of Brahmins and are functioning under Brahmin Control.


The Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes and converted minorities are 85%, but are divided into 6000 Castes. Those who were denied rights and privileges in the Varna system, have also been denied rights and privileges in a system which has been developed in the modern Democracy. Even in this system, they remain Exploited and Ruled Castes.


Many elections have been conducted in modern India, on the basis of Democratic process, and we have seen that power has changed from one party to other, but the ruling Castes have not changed. There are many reasons for this, And one of the important reasons, is “BRAHMIN-BANIYA PRINT MEDIA”.


Simply by change of power, there cannot be a change” of system, because, we have seen a change of power many times. By keeping control of Ruling Castes over the power structure, we cannot bring change of system. Whether it is opposition Ruling Castes or ruling-Ruling castes, there interests are not different. Those, whose interests are common, whether they are in power or not, they have consensus in maintaining the “STATUS-QUO”. Therefore, to remove control of the ruling Castes from power structure, is a pre-condition to bring change of system. Not to allow this thing to happen, the Brahmins-Baniya Print media is creating a false picture of competition among the parties of ruling castes in elections, because of which, the votes of Bahujan Samaj get divided and the votes of ruling castes get consolidated and increased


Since last 20 years or so, we are propagating the ideology of demolishing the control of ruling castes over power-structure and establishing the control of Exploited and Ruled castes. In the first Phase, when we were trying to establish the roots of this Ideology, people of Bahujan Samaj itself, were laughing at us. In the second phase, when these roots got strengthened, the interest of those people, who were laughing at us where in danger. Those who had alliances and compromises with the enemy of Bahujan Samaj, were in great difficulty. Then, they started opposing us. In the Third phase, this ideology has started showing its influence and results. The opponents were wonder-struck. They got frightened and have now lessoned their opposition. But the real enemy of Bahujan Samaj has become more aggressive. The basic reason for them to become aggressive, is that they started loosing their control over the power structure and the exploited Castes have started establishing their control over it. Even among them, the Brahmin-Baniya Print media became more aggressive. The Atmosphere of accomplishment of the pre-condition for brining change to system is developing. It can be seen today. This atmosphere is posing dangers to the Ruling Castes. There are clear indications of this. Therefore, the Ruling Castes have started using their print-media against this, to save themselves from the dangers.


Only 2-3 years back, the Brahmin-Baniya Print Media was running a persistent false campaign, to defame and damage the image of Mulayam Singh. They called him “MULLA-MULAYAM” and “MAULAVI MULAYAM”. Before that, they gave the slogan that “MULAYAM GO BACK and herd the Buffalose”. The same slogan was also used against Ram Naresh Yadav. What is the reason, why Brahmin-Baniya Print media is not raising these slogans today? Because, if they give this slogan today, they know that the polarisation of scheduled Caste, Tribes and other Backward classes wjtl be strengthened and Brahminism will .get weakened. In the same way, by Calling MULLA-MULAYAM” or Moulavi Mulayam, Mulayam Singh is not going to loose anything. Other Backward classes, who were opposed to Muslims at that time had to be kept way from Mulayam Singh. This was the purpose of giving this slogan. But today, it is not relevant to keep Mulayam Singh, away from backward classes. Therefore, that Brahmin-Baniya Print Media has stopped giving these slogans. On the contrary, it started praising Mulayam Singh. When Brahmins start praising somebody, we must understand that the crises have come very close. The purpose behind showering praises on Mulayam Singh is to break the polarisation of scheduled Caste, Tribes and other backward classes.


In Uttar Pradesh, there is a rule of Mulayam Singh and contrary to this, administration of Brahmins. Brahmins do not desire that Mulayam Singh should rule. Therefore, many Brahmin Officials are conspiring to bring down the Mulayam Singh’s Rule. The first part of this conspiracy has come to light, when Governor’s Speech drafting I.A.S Officer, mentioned in the speech that this government will be run on the ideals of Gandhi. From this, it becomes very clear that, the officer, who prepared the speech, must be a Brahmin and he must be knowing well that the M.L.A’s of Bahujan Samaj Party will not tolerate this. Due to this, there will be an ideological rift. The officer was. Successful in creating this rift. The Second example is Kripa Shankar Chaturvedi, an I.P.S. Officer, who was Principal, Government Police Training College, Moradabad. He published a magazineforthe police, on Government expenses, in which he made Bahujan Samaj Party, the target of his criticism. If disciplinary action is not taken against him, the Government will collapse and if taken, it could have been said that Mulayam Singh’s love for Gandhi is not genuine. The fact is that the attempts of Chaturvedi were directed against the Government to make it collapse. The Third example is of the Chief Secretary of U.P., who is a Tamilian Brahmin. He senta report to the Chief Election Commissioner, T.N. Seshan, in a wrong manner and did not even keep the Chief-Minister informed. The Chief Election Commissioner had cancelled the elections of Six Assembly seats, on the basis of this wrong information. Because of this the Stability of the Government was threatened. The Two Ministers of BSP had to get elected to the assembly or Council before completing six months. It was a constitutional obligation. If the elections were cancelled, they could not have got elected. Due to this, the Government would have collapsed, because B.S.P. could have some out of the Government. The purpose of the Chief Secretary of giving information to the Chief Election Commissioner in a wrong manner, was only to collapse the Government. The Similar type of conspiracy is being hatched by the Brahmins Baniya Print Media, which was hatched by the Executive official of Ruling Castes in U.P.


No sooner, the SC/ST’s and O.B.C’s of Utter Pradesh, with the help of minorities, have formed their own government, the Brahminical forces have started creating conflicts among them using their organisational network, these Brahmin-Baniya parties have started creating conflicts among S.C’s and O.B.C’s in the villages, and the print media is giving wide publicity to these “sponsored conflicts”. They have started propagating that, traditional antagonism exists among SC’s and OB.C’s. In the name of Agriculture and the Agricultural Labour, they have written columns and columns of literature. It is true that SC’s AND B.C’s are quarrelling among themselves, but its reason is not economic, but the social structure of inequality, whose root cause is Brahminism, which is an Ideology of creating conflicts. What can be the reason, when one Kurmi (Backward) man parades one SC Women naked in the village. It is not because, that lady is poor or labourer, but because the Kurmis think that to do this is their right. Certainly the thinking behind such acts is Brahminism, which has perpetuated this inequality. By demolishing this ideology only, there will be a feeling of Brother-hood among SC/STand OBC’s and this feeling of brother-hood can pose dangers to Brahminism. Therefore the BrahminBaniya Print Media, instead of running Campaigns, to demolish the ideiogy of inequality, is propagating the sponsored conflicts of SC’s & BC’s in such a manner, so as to finish this feeling of brother-hood in them. By finishing this brother-hood among them, the followers of Brahminism will pave ways for coming back to the power. Without creating feeling of brother-hood among them the SC’s and OBC’s cannot take over political power. It is not possible. Because of this reason, there is a growing understanding and feeling of Brother Hood in SC’s & OBC’s of Utter Pradesh, because of which, Brahmin Baniya Print Media has felt the necessity of creating conflicts among them.


The Brahmin-Baniya Print Media is not creating conflicts among SC, BC’s alone but also creating conflicts among BC’s and Muslims. When it was time to implement the report of Mandal Commission, which give justice to backward classes, they opposed it tooth and nail. They opposed the rights of backward classes, but at the same time for instigating them against Muslims, they call them their Hindus Brothers when it was time to give them, their rights as backwards, they made them Hindus and used them against Muslims.


in a democratic setup, political party is essential. Without Political party, the Democracy cannot be successful. There are various recognised political parties in our country and majority of them, belong to Ruling Castes. But amongst all of them, the Brahmin-Baniya Print Media is the biggest party. It never takes part in election, but at the same time propagates the interests of the Ruling Castes.


That way, there are many enemies of Bahujan Samaj. Some are internal and some are external. Brahmins are No.1 enemy of Bahujan Samaj. Therefore the Print Media created by Brahmins is also No. 1 enemy of Bahujan Samaj. Because, the print Media is a biggest party, therefore it is biggest enemy


When the Kshatriyas and Vaishyas are helping the Brahmins, to maintain the dominations, they make them partners in the power structure. But when Kshatriyas make this partnership as the basis for creating their own domination, the Brahmin Baniya Print Media launches’ campaign against them. When Arjun Singh has tried to create his own influence against Narasimha Rao, the Brahmin-Baniya Print Media started pulling his legs. They adopted similar tacties in case of Sharad Pawar, a Shudra. BRAHMIN BANIYA & KSHATRIYAS ARE IN MINORITY, BUT HOW ARE THEY CONTROLLING POWER?
In fact, this question cannot go out of the minds of those people, who believe in democracy that Brahmtn-Baniyas and Kshatriyas are in minority. But how are they controlling the power? This question is before us also. When we pondered over this question and gave serious thought to it, something has appeared before us. The minority rulings castes are making use of money, mafia and print media, to create its own majority.
By booth capturing and riggings, this minority Ruling castes are becoming majority. They create rifts among scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other backward classes. They purchase leaders and also purchase voters. You must have heard about every type of thefts, but thefts of votes takes place only in India. This is the wonder of our Ruling Castes. To keep all these things secret, and to cover up them is the job of print Media.
The vote-bank policy is also made by the minority Ruling Castes. They only make the appeasement policy (Muslim appeasement) and also create noise over it. The Ruling Castes are in minority and therefore they have to make vote-bank policies. But creating public opinion is the biggest job of print media and to collect the votes by creating public opinion, is also done by print media, through which, the minority ruling castes, establish their control over power structure.


Muiayam Singh is not knowing his real fore-fathers. It is very essential to know them, if you have*to create ever lasting influence and impact. Certainly, Phooley, Shahu Maharaj, Ambedkar, Periyar and similar great men can only be his fore-fathers and this is natural also. To break this chain of history, can also become cause of division. Therefore, it is necessary to know and understand this.


The Babri-Masjid-Ramjanma Bhoomi Agitation, being run for the past decade or so, has proved many things. The most important of these, is that in the name of Religion, the SC’s & OBC’s are being instigated against Muslims by the Print Media and Muslims are being made their target. The untouchables and the Shudras have been made the victims of campaign of hatred by Brahminism. Now same Brahminism is making Muslims as target. The print Media is leading all, in this campaign. Muslims must become terrorists, so that a movement to suppress them can be launched. This is a current conspiracy. The first experiment of this was conducted in North -East, then in Punjab and now it is the turn of Muslims. These things prove that Muslims are being made target, but their real target is OBC’s.


Whatever has happened in North-East, Punjab, Kashmir, or Bombay, is the resultant effect of Brahminism. Brahminism tried to establish their domination and when people refused to accept this domination, they adopted many wrong methods. As a reaction to this, the terrorism is created. All those, who are having some understanding, know it very well. Instead of propagating the basic reasons of terrorism, the Brahmins-Baniya Print-Media is launching campaign to defame them and assassinate their characters. Even now it is going on. By doing this, the print media has threatened the unity of the country


It is now slowly spreading among the masses, that brahmins are responsible for the partition of the country. Had the Muslims remained in India, it would have been difficult for the Brahmins to establish their domination over the country. And therefore to establish their control, the brahmins made partition of the country. But they defamed only Muslims for this. The Brahmin Beniya Print Media has played an important role in this affair


Those who form the Government, gain access to the resources of the State. But these resources are the wealth of the people. Then how these resources are being used deliberately against people. It is dangerous and also violative of human rights. If the Print media decides to expose such a government, which is using state resources against people, The State terrorism can be checked. Always, the state terrorism is most dangerous than people’s Terrorism. But instead of opposing it, the press is defending it. Not only that it advices the states, to do it. Therefore, state terrorism is a creation of print media.


Many people do not know many things. Normally, B.J.P. & CONGRESS are being blamed for the destruction of Babri Masjid. But the Role of press in this affair is also equally important. In fact, the press has instigated people for doing this. This fact cannot be denied.


The press always makes noise that the unity and integrity of the country is in danger. And on other hand it tries to create conflicts among SC’s and OBC’s. Infact there is no danger to the unity of the country. Such unity of SC’s & OBC’s may pose danger to the domination of the Brahmins. And this, they call danger to the country. This is their point of view. From this, it is clear that, they are not worried about the unity of the country, but only about their domination. The rest is a farce.
BRAHMIN-BANIA PRINT MEDIA SUPPORTING CONGRESS AND B.J.P In 1984, if the print media had not propagated Khalistan, it would not have been possible for Rajiv Gandhi to get 415 M.Ps elected. And if the Print Media could not have helped RSS and BJP in the destruction of Babri Masjid, it would not have been possible for them to get 116 M.P.s in 1991, when they could get only two M.P.’s elected in 1984. This proves that print media is supporting Congress and B.J.P


the party of Gandhi-Nehru is called a national party, the party of ail sections of people. But Charan Singh’s party is called Jat-party, Mulayams’s is called Ahirs’ Party, Laloo Prasad Yadav’s is called Yadav party, Dr. Ambedkar’s is called Mahar Party and Kanshi Ram’s party is called Chamar party. Is press not propagating this view point? If it is doing so, does it not prove that Press media is posing threat to the unity of the country.


There is a democracy in the country and the majority people are scheduled caste, tribes, other backward classes and religious minorities. In a democracy it is not possible to rule, unless these sections are made helpless and hopeless. Therefore the ruling Castes are always propagating about the protection of their interests, but do nothing to implement. Instead of exposing this, the Press media is a part of this conspiracy


When V.P.Singh made Mandal Commission applicable no party could pick up courage to oppose it. At that time, the press came forward. It conducted a false campaign. This is well known. But when Supreme Court recognised, they accepted ft they have not accepted it, because it does not damage their interests, but because the Mandal Commission has been sabotaged. The press was successful in this Sabotage and therefore is now supporting it


It was not too late, before the ruling castes were exposed and people came to know in large numbers that “Social Justice” is a mere toy. Therefore, no separate Machinery or law is made to deliver social justice. Therefore social justice can influence people and without its implementation, they can save themselves. This is what the ruling castes think. But now the exploited Castes have started realising this. Therefore, these castes gave the slogan of “VYAVASTHA PARIVARTAN”. Such a situation is being created in the country. Therefore the press has launched a campaign against this.


Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar has emphasised upon, a very important concept that if any community desires to extent its political base, it must liberate the minds and brains of people. This is a pre-condition. And according to this concept, if the brains and minds of people are liberated, the base of political power can be spread. If the Ruling castes do not want this to happen, then they must control the minds and brains of people, so that their direction can be changed in the interest of ruling castes. The journalists are not only managing information alone, but are also managing the Brains and minds of people. Who are “these Journalist? Brahmins and Baniyas. Therefore these Journalists know very well that information is a source of strength and it can be used to manage the brains and minds of people.


Brahmtn-Baniya Print Media is called a conspiratory Media, Why? There must be some definite reasons. In our opinion, the ruling castes hatch some conspiracy at highest level and to execute it, is the role of the print Media. This can be only reason. Therefore, we call it a conspiratory media


  1. First of all, we must serve a warning to the Brahmin-Baniya Print Media, that we know its conspiracy.
  2. second, if they do not change their attitude, we must stop reading their papers and
  3. If, we cannot stop reading them, we must stop believing them, especially those matters, which spread confusion among us.
  1. We must create our own Campaigners
  2. We must. Give them Training
  3. We must build the awakening centers
  4. We must start our own Publications
  5. This is a task of organisation
  6. We must organise the Journalist of Bahujan Samaj.


“In my opinion, this is the appropriate time, to describe the present condition of Indian Journalism, Once, the Journalism was a profession in India. Now it has become a business. There is nothing moral in that, than producing a soap. Journalism does not consider itself a responsible advisor of people. In India the first of ail and most important is that, Journalism should consider it obligatory to publish only such news which are true, also criticise Government policies from angle of the larger interest of people, without any fear, it must criticise and correct those, who are trading wrong path, whether they are big or small men. But to make somebody hero and worship him, has become the main role of journalism. Under such circumstances, the news has been replaced by sensations, logical ideas have been replaced by unwarranted anxieties. Instead of touching the hearts of responsible citizens, it is now instigating the irresponsible people” Dr. Babasaheb Ambekar.

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