मूलनिवासी — कौन और कैसे?

Some Sanskrit literature of Arya Brahmins, that is available today makes mention of some important aspects, related to Mulnivasis. According to this literature, in the ancient period there was heavy struggle between the Aryas and the Mulnivasis.
This struggle is described in the Sanskrit literature. The terminology used for the Mulnivasis is Anarya, Dass, Dasyu, Asur, Rakshas, Ravan and Naga. These were the names given by Aryan invaders to the Mulnivasis. These are not praise-worthy names, but were used to abuse and condemn them.
Therefore, it is now proved that these Anarya, Dass, Dasyu, Asura, Rakshas and Danav are the original inhabitants of this country, who, are now referred in the constitution as Scheduled Castes and convert from them to religious minorities.

How can we say that these people are Mulnivasis?

This question can be answered in many ways and many reasons can be given, to call these people as Mulnivasis. One, these people were made untouchables and were driven out from the public life and were forced to live a wretched life of animals. The Second section of the Mulnivasis are tribal people, who were forced to live in jungles and hills. Thus we can see that the Scheduled Castes are not Hindus, because they do not observe religious customs of Arya Brahmins. Arya-Brahmins call them Hindus, but have not granted them any rights of Hindus.
Hindu code bill was not applicable to the Scheduled Castes. Thus there is no similarity of conduct, thoughts, faith, belief, customs, religious tradition, language and way of life between Arya-Brahmins and Scheduled Castes / Scheduled Tribes.
The third big section, whom we call, Other Backward Class (OBC) is also Mulnivasis, because they have been deprived the right of holding power, acquiring property and possessing weapons(As per manusmruti). When these O.B.C. accepted the domination of Arya-Brahmins they granted them religious rights of Hindus, but adopted Puranic system for them, instead of Vedic system. From this, it is proved that this class is not Vedic. We can see that when rights were granted to O.B.C’s as per Mandal Commission, the Arya-Brahmins opposed it most. They tried to hatch a conspiracy against the objectives of the Mandal Commission and were successful in that.
From these SCs, STs and OBCs, who are the Mulnivasis have become Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians and Muslims. It means the 95% people of minorities are from this Mulnivasie castes. Arya-Brahmins call them foreigners, especially Muslims. Muslims are not foreigners, but are original inhabitants of this country. Thus we all are Mulnivasis. This is proved fact.

Struggle for liberation of Mulnivasis

when freedom struggle of our country was going on, we were dual slaves. The Arya Brahmins were slaves of British people and we, Mulnivasis (original inhabitants) were the slaves of the system established by them, in which we were made slaves, socially, culturally and religiously. On 15th Aug. 1947, these Arya-Brahmins got freedom and became the masters and rulers of the country. And we, who were the slaves of the slaves are still slaves of these Arya-Brahmins. On 15th Aug. 1947, the country got the freedom, but the people of the country did not get this freedom. Only Arya brahmins got freedom and we, Mulnivasis are still their slaves.
Therefore, it is necessary to launch the struggle for the liberation of the Mulnivasis. Pride of the caste is the reason of our slavery and caste are invented by Arya Brahmins, through which they divided the Mulnivasis into 6000 small groups and perpetuated this division into them. Every caste is having its own caste people and there is ladder of high and low, based on graded inequality among these castes, they keep on fighting among themselves, instead of uniting themselves to fight against the common enemy. The Arya-Brahmins encourage and sponsor this fight. Because of this constant division of Mulnivasis of the country, they have become unfit for the resistance.
Along with this, another important aspect is that these Mulnivasis were prohibited from taking education, possessing weapons and acquiring property. Because of this, they became helpless, and hopeless and came to depend upon Arya-Brahmins. The brahmins took advantage of this dependency and made the Mulnivasis, slaves. When they were made slaves under Brahminical system, they could not save the independence of their country and along with them, India, their motherland also became slave.
Therefore, it is necessary to liberate the Mulnivasis and their motherland. It is necessary to free them from the system. Hence to achieve the objective of “Change of System” and to free the country from Arya-Brahmins, it has become necessary to launch the movement of their liberation of the Mulnivasis.

Point of view based on Social system

from the view point based on system, it can be seen that the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes and Minorities are victims of the brahminical system. Therefore Mahatma JyotiraoPhule, PeriyarRamaswami and Dr. BabasahebAmbedkar have fixed the objective of their movements to change this social System of inequality.
Therefore those who are suffering from this Social System, can only take active part in the movement of change of System. This is quite natural. There is no point in organising those communities, who were benefited by the System. Thus for changing the System of inequality, it is necessary to organise those communities, who were victims of the system, Therefore the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward classes and Minorities are being organised.

Aryan Brahmins are foreigners

If Scheduled castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Class and the minorities converted from them, who have been divided into 6000 castes, are the Mulnivasis of this country, then who are foreigners? We must find out an answer to this question. There is not much difference of opinion among historians on this point, that Aryans are foreigners. The only difference of opinion is on the issue of the country of their origin. On this issue

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