11. The Backward class didn’t recognise themselves as Shudras is the root cause of their mental Slavery – Waman Meshram

Elaborating the basic cause of organizing the convention Mr. Waman Meshram said that or ganizing a convention is not the objective before the organization. BAMCEF had its specific objec tive behind organizing, any type of program or con vention and that objective is to establish the nation wide network BAMCEF had chalked out a broad networking programme and had applied specific strat egies to implement it. For example, the convention has been organized in Bhopal and we are discuss ing the problems of those people who are residing in 6.5 lakh villages. It means that there is a wide gap of communication between the people who had gathered here in the convention and the people who are residing in villages. Unless and until the gap is filled up, none of the movement is going to get success or rather it cannot be established. HENCE, BAMCEF had planned to spread its social net work in all the villages were the indigenous are re siding. Geographically India is divided into 583 Districts, 5500 Tahsils and 6.5 lakh villages. In the first phase, the network will spread in almost 550 districts by the year 2004. The first phase program was started in 1.999 and will complete in 2004. Bv this time, the network will also spread in 2000 Tahsils. The second phase will start from 2005 to 2009. Thus, there are two-phase programs each of 5 years. In the 16th national convention which was organized at Patna(Bihar) in 1999. the field-work was done in 24 States and 140 Districts Out of these, delegates from 23 states and 119 districts participated in the convention. The persons who says that your ideology, objective, programs are good, but are not physically with us we don’t con sider them with us. This is the principle we had kept for us. The next 17th national convention was organized in the capital city of Uttar Pradesh. For this the fieldwork was done in 24 states and 226 dis tricts of India. Out of these, delegates from 24 states and 191 districts participated in the convention. Thus, there was a rise of network in 72 more districts within a year. In the year 2001, the 18th national convention was organized in the heart of India, New Delhi For this convention, the field work done in almost 300 districts and in 26 states. In this convention, there was a participation of 276 districts of 26 states. So there was a rise of 85 more districts. In the forth coming 19th national convention at Patna, planning has been done to do the fieldwork in 450 districts for this almost 70 full time workers are already in the field. One full time worker is supposed to work in 3 new districts So new 2 10 districts and earner 276 districts will constitute the participation of 486 districts in the Patna convention If the networking program is continued with the same speed then by 2004 BAMCEF will be established in 550 districts and 2000 Tahsils. By this strength we will be able to generate almost 5 crore rupees Also, by this time the no. of full timers will reach upto 550. Almost 2 crores will be spend on these full timers This will be the first phase of the program. This strength will be the foundation of the program for the second phase. In the next phase by the year 2009, the network will spread in 5 thousand Tahsils By 2007. it willTeach to 50 thousand blocks and by 2009. the network will be spread in 6 lakh villages. Like this, all the units will get activated The planning which we had made, unless and until it is implemented with respect to time, it will be of no use. So to check our strength and access ourselves, the state conventions are or ganized regularly. This is a part of geographical net working.
The second program is of the social networking. We had started special campaign to awaken the most backward castes within Scheduled castes. This year we had planned to organize 8 state level tribal conventions. Two conventions had already over and by November 2002 Six, more will be or ganized. The Other Backward Class constitutes of three important sections of most backward class, backward class and the converted minority class. All these sections are included in the OBC list of Mandal commission. For the most backward class two days national convention has been organized at Lucknow on 27th and 28th September. This year’s national convention at Patna will be of five days In these five days, one day will be Hilly devoted for the other backward class and also one complete day convention will be for converted minorities. This will help in establishing and strengthening our social net¬work. To have more impact on social networking the national level convention of Indigenous Doctors, Advocates, Engineers, Officers and Pensioners had been organized in Kolkatta on 9th and 10th August. Previously we were organizing only one national convention, but this year we had organized four Na tional level conventions. One can easily imagine how the geographical as well as social networking pro gram of BAMCEF had speeded up. So, conven tions are basically organized to train the caders and to form a nationwide organization of the indigenous people.
BAMCEF had not only stop with these pro grams but simultaneously is developing the media of indigenous people. The propagation media includes Print media, Electronic media, Traditional media, and vo’cal media. The most powerful among this is Elec tronic media. So BAMCEF had planned to estab lish its Electronic media and already put two retired Doordarshan directors committee had been formed and instructed to submit the report by Dec. 2002. The report will include the information regarding when can be the channel will get start, how much finance will be required, what will be the technical and manpower requirement etc The committee will identify the problems and will come out with full re port by Dec. 2002. If the networking program reaches to 6 lakh villages and if two activist are cre ated within a village then there will be a force of 12 lakh people and almost 3 lakh activist from district levels are with them, then the force will be of 15 lakhs. Out of these if one activist prepares 15 near est people to him then the force will be of 90 lakh and if earlier 15 lakh are added, then it will become a force of 1 crore 5 lakh people by 2009 So we will be having 1 crore 15 lakh people to read our newspapers. To cope up with the requirement of these people their will be need of almost 100 dailies. We should have one daily running in 5 districts and there should be atleast 1 lakh readers The work of print media is going to start by Dec. 2004 from New Delhi. We should also have our own traditional me dia. Arya-brahmins had made our people to listen and listen. We should utilize their already created listening capability of our people and should start our own traditional media and start propagating the stories of our fore fathers. For this traditional media the people’s literature, their culture, behavior and fore father’s stories can be collected and can be propa gated so as to reach our people. For this we had already planned to open up one research institute.
The fourth media is the vocal media For this almost 10 lakh people youths will be trained with some information and will be send in different parts of the country. If the 10-lakh people are creating atleast one new activist then in a day 10 lakh people will get prepared.
All this geographical, social networking and creation of our own media will create a force (power) and strength, which will be cumulated and will be utilized at proper time. This will be our battle of in dependence. We don’t believe in the 1947 indepen dent movement. It was not ours, but it was the move ment of arya-brahmins to establish their supremacy After 1947, one foreigner had left and another foreigner (Arya-Brahmins) had replaced it The other foreigner propagated that India had become inde pendence, which is not true. Still we are the slaves of arya-brahmins and we have to become indepen dent. So, the preparation is for the independent movement. Or biggest problem is that we expect quick results. We think that this is the problem and it should be get settled by evening. We think that by evening we should get respect, self-rule etc. We think that we should be liberated from our slavery. But it is not going to happen. We are not prepared for the same. Some of us may be prepared, but as a society, we are not. To remove this unprepared ness we had initiated the program of networking. For making the desired goal of networking a success, the zonal, state, national conventions are organized.
Speaking further on the topic Mr. Waman Meshram said that we are not forcing the other backward class to believe that they are Shudras. Our first and foremost appeal to them is that atleast they should try to know that they are shudras. The other backward class person who identify himself as Shudra, directly or indirectly he accepts the Varna system. The OBC should have the information about who had made them Shudra. Today the biggest problem is that they don’t have any information re garding this. For the same the said topic was de cided to debate and discuss so that the mental block age is minimized and the networking is increased.
In one of Jhe program in Saharanpur, I said that the OBC’s don’t believe that they are shudras The Brahmins had made them shudras. Some Saini caste (OBC) people were sitting between the mass. They immediately stood up and one doctor asked me why I want to make the OBC’s Shudras. For them I replied that whom I am to make you shudra. It is the right of arya-brahmins and not mine. To be come Shudra is a matter of social status and all the dharmashastras had given this right to Brahmins. I am only saying that the fourth Varna people in the Varna system are shudras. I asked them that the Saini people believed that they are backward, but have you ever tried to know what the reason of your backwardness is. Have you given a thought over it?. Rashtrapita Jotirao Phuley gave the concept of Shudra-atishudra Vs. Shetaji Bhataji. Though he was less literate but still he was identifying himself as a Shudra. But it is very strange that today’s intellec tual class don’t realize the truth that they are shudras. You even don’t know that Brahmins had made your social status as Shudra. Rashtrapita Jotirao Phuley realised that he was shudra in 1848 but even after 150 years, our people are not recognizing the truth Dr. Ambedkar devoted the book “Who were the Shudras” to Rashtrapita Jotirao Phuley In the Preface page Dr. Ambedkar write that this book is devoted to the greatest Shudra of India, Jotirao Phuley, who realised that social change shall pre cede before political change. As Jotirao Phuley was knowing that OBC’s are Shudras, same was the case of Dr. Ambedkar. But it is very pity situation today that even after 150 years we don’t know that we are Shudras. The backward class don’t recognize their backwardness even they don’t have any infor¬mation regarding this. So unless and until they have information, how they will realize their backward¬ness. That means those people who want to make the OBC recognize their backwardness, should pass on the relevant information which is given in all the Dharma Shastras that they are shudras.
In the Bihar state, one can see that some of the barbers put the title of Sharma. Also, there are organizations like “Kshatriya Kurmi Mahasabha”, “Kshatriya Yadav Mahasabha”, “Kshatriya Mali Mahasabha” etc. Now when you recognize your self as Kshatriya then the problem arises that then you can’t recognize yourself as ‘Backward’. Unless and until you recognize yourself as backward, you will not get reservation benefit. If you want reserva tionthenyou can’t recognize yourself as Kshatriya. The Kshatriya word is attached to backwards like a. “tail. The backwards realize that by putting the title they are just like Brahmins or equal to Brahmins. But Brahmins don’t recognize the backwards as Brahmins. They recognize them as Shudras. Also the Kshatriyas don’t recognize the backwards as Kshatriya and same is with Vaishyas. Chief Minister Narendra Modi of Gujarat belongs to Ghisadi caste. The people of this caste are doing the business of making OIL. Our people should have social infor mation rather than bookish information. One of the caste which is in Scheduled caste, the same caste is in the list of OBC in Andhra Pradesh. In Delhi, Rajasthan and Bihar the Koli caste belongs to Sched uled caste. But in Gujarat and Maharashtra the same caste is in the list of OBC. Among all states Bihar is the state where 6 castes people says themselves as Baniya. Hence I am repeatedly saying that most of the backward class people believes that they are Brahmin, Baniya, Kshatriya and Vaishya. That is the reason why the backward class people were de prived of reservation for 42 years in Independent India. When the backward class people are not in a position to identify themselves as Backwards, how will they get the reservation rights the backward class people are neither Brahmins, Khastriyas, Vaishyas nor Scheduled caste or Scheduled tribes. Then in the Varna system the only Varna left is the Shudra Varna. Hence there is no doubt that they are Shudras.
Chanakya killed Nand through Chandragupt. After that the Purans were written. In Purans it is written that there are only two Varna left. One is Brahmin and the other Shudra. If except Brahmins all are shudras then from were Shudras had came is the question that is raised before us. Dr. Ambedkar in his book “Revolution and counter revolution” and in the chapter Philosophy of Hinduism in it had writ ten one story. Parshuram had killed the Kshatriyas 21 times. But it is a very strange situation to under stand. If the Kshatriyas were killed for first time, who were left for the last 20 times is the issue to be analysed. In the Dharma Shastras it is written it is written that when the Kshtriyas were killed their wives became widow. These widow Kshataraniyas went to Brahmins and made a compassion that the Earth cannot be left without Kshatriyas, so please born Kshatriyas from us. Brahmins listened to their pity and thus new Kshatriyas were borne. This is the documental proofs written in the Brahmanical Dharma Shastras. If this thing is true and the situa tion is applied today, then the so called backwards who call themselves as Kshatriyas are the sons of illegitimates (rascals/bastards) Hence it is the duty of every individual to make aware the OBC’s and provide them information.
Another reason why the OBC’s don’t rec ognize themselves as Shudras is that the scheduled caste people considers themselves as Shudras Dr. Ambedkar in the book “Who were the Shudras” had written that OBC’s are Shudras He had also written a separate book on “Who were the untouch ables”. This means that Shudras and Untouchables are different. This concept was very much clear to Dr. Ambedkar. But the same is not clear with their followers who proudly says that they are the follow ers of Dr. Ambedkar. Also those who were know ing that they are not shudras, don’t share their think ing with others. Those who were Buddhist and re ject the supremacy of Brahmins, these people were forced in the fold of untouchables. Those Buddhist who accepted the terms and conditions of arya-brahmins were forced in the fourth Varna as shudra As the untouchables were identifying themselves as Shudras, so OBC’s were not considering themselves as shudras This resulted in a wide gap between OBC’s and SC/ST’s instead of any polarization.
When the Brahmins were calling the back wards as Shudras, there was a quick reaction from OBC’s and this resulted in a great movement of OBC’s in the past. Brahmins analysed the situation and understood that the reaction is due to the word Shudra, so it needs to be changed. So the Brahmins stop calling backwards as Shudras. The reaction was also stopped. Though Brahmins stop calling back wards as Shudras, but they don’t stop recognizing backwards as Shudras. As soon as Brahmins stop calling the backwards as Shudras, there was no re action from Shudras and as there was no reaction, there was no rise of movement of OBC’s and ulti mately the OBC movement get collapsed Arya-Brahmins instead of calling the backwards as Shudras, they start calling them as “‘Hindu”. By saying Hindu there is no recognisation of any abuse. Instead of any negative reaction the reaction was turned up in a positive way to Brah mins. And as the time passed away the equation of Brahmin and OBC’s was materialized in modern India. Independent India There was a unwritten compromise between these two groups and that was, The state rule will be handed over to OBC’s and the OBC’s will never claim for the central rule in Delhi. For example, when Chowdhari Charan Singh, a Jat (OBC) left the Janta party, Congress gave support to become the prime Minister. As soon as Chowdhari Charan Singh-were sworn as Prime Min ister, Congress withdrawn their support. When the reason of withdrawing the support was asked by Charan Singh, Mrs.Indira Gandhi replied that the support was only fro becoming Prime Minister and not for running the government, so we had with drawn it.
Sharad Pawar (OBC) was the mem ber of Congress working committee when he tried to speak in the Congress working committee, he was thrown away from the meeting. These persons Chowdhari Charan Singh, Sharad Pawar. H D.DeveiiOwda did not followed the unwritten compromise hence were thrown away As alreadv Brahmins were calling the backwards as Hindu in stead of Shudra. so there was no! Any chance of ami reaction against another Hindu The rulling castes. though they don’t identify themselves as Hindu) Until now since there was not any reaction from Shudras, the Brahmins were getting support of 52 % OBC’s and hence were easily in a position to capture Delhi Also this resulted in non-recognisation of backwards as shudras. They start recognizing themselves as Hindu. But by saying Hindu, can the social status of Backward class is put to an end. By saying Hindu to ourselves we have to give our consent for the Brah min dharma. Indirectly you are accepting the Varna system. If it is so then your social status of Shudra is not going to be changed. This means that the back wards are remaining as Shudras even though they call themselves as Hindu. This creates the mental slavery to accept the Brahmin dharma. Brahmin never identify themselves as Hindu. When in 12th century the Brahmins were defeated by Mugals, they offered the name of Hindu (the defeated people) to Brahmins, but they straight away refused the name and said that they had also defeated the indigenous people of India, so they are not defeaters. That’s why Brahmins refused to pay the Jijiya tax which was implemented by Mugals in India. But today they are propagating the slogan “Say proudly that we are Shudras” in the backward regions and not in their own areas. Because they are in a need of a force to demolish the Babri mosque and they are in a minor ity (3.5%). So as a force they want to utilize OBC’s (52%). In the warfare when the OBC force is won, indirectly the Brahmin dharma is won. Take the example of Gujarat. On one side the OBC’s, SC’s are burning the houses of Muslims and at the other end Muslims are burning the houses of SC’s and OBC’s. But the SC’s and OBC’s are fighting between themselves and this helps Brahmins to cap ture the Delhi rule. Muslims are the converted people from SC’s/ST’s and OBC’s. So all the indigenous brothers are fighting between themselves. Both the Congress and BJP utilize the SC’s and OBC’s for their own interest.
Our problem is, if the information that the backwards are Shudras is not reached to OBC’s then how they will recognize themselves as Shudras. When there is no information then how there will be awareness. If there is no awareness then the organi zation will not be developed. If there is no organiza tion then form where will be the Action? When there will not be any action how there will be a revolu tion9 So all the problems are inter linked. Though the problem is seen as a small problem but it is not the small one; IF it is thoroughly analysed then one can understand that this problem is the biggest ob stacle in the revolution. So this problem will have to be sorted out and it will be possible only by providing information to the backwards so that they can recognize themselves as Shudras and indigenous and a nationwide movement can be developed.

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