Rashtrapita Jyotirao Phule

Rashtrapita Jyotirao Phule
Without Knowledge: Sense of right thinking is lost
Without right thinking: Morality is lost
Without Morality: Mobility is lost
Without Mobality: Economy is lost
Without Economy: Shudras were degraded
Such blunders: Ignorance has created
  • Birth 1827
  • Education in Marathi School 1834 to 1838
  • Marriage 1840
  • Education in Christian English School 1841 to 1847
  • Revolutionary Training under Lahuji Ustad 1847
  • Study of a book ‘Rights of a man’ written by Thomas Paine 1847
  • Humiliated and insulted in a Brahmin marriage 1848
  • Established India’s first school for girls 1848
  • Driven out of father’s house for social activities 1849
  • Started India’s first school for untouchables 3rd July 1851
  • Established regular girl’s school 1851
  • Felicitated by British for educational activities 1852
  • Part-time teacher’s job in Scottish Christian School 1855
  • Started India’s first night school 1855
  • Abortive murder attempt on life 1856
  • Launched widow marriage movement 1860
  • Started orphanage for children born out of illegitimate relations to young Brahmin widows 1863
  • Re-published book of a Marathi writer on caste-discrimination 1865
  • Opened house well for untouchables 1868
  • Established “Satya Shodhak Samaj” 24th Sept. 1873
  • Accorded felicitations to Dayanand Saraswati in Poona 1875
  • Member of Poona Municipal Board 1876 to 1882
  • Submitted memorandum to Hunter Education Commission 19th Oct. 1882
  • Accorded felicitation to Tilak-Agarkar, on their release from British imprisonment 1882
  • Went in Function wearing farmer’s dress and submitted memorandum to Duke of Connaught 1888
  • Felicitated and accorded title of “Mahatma” by people 11th May 1888
  • Death 27th Nov. 1890


  • Marathi Drama Tritiya Ratna1 (Third Jewel) 1855
  • Long poetry on Chhatrapati Shivaji 1869
  • “Brahmanache Kasab”-(Brahminical Treachery) 1869
  • ‘Gulamgiri’ (Slavery) 1873
  • Drafted Memorandum for Hunter Education Commission 19th Oct. 1882
  • ‘Shetkaryancha Asud, Cultivator’s whipcord 18th July 1883
  • Drafted Petition for protective rights of village servants 1884
  • ‘Satsar1 (Essence of truth) Vol. land II 1885
  • Ishara (Warning) Vol. I and II 1st Oct. 1885
  • Drafted code of cultural conduct and methods of worship for Shudras and Ati-Shudras June 1887
  • ‘Sarvajanik Satya Dharma’ (Published after death) 1 st April 1889

“Anyone, who will consider well the whole history of Brahmin domination in India, and the thralldom under which it has retained the people even up to the present day will agree with us in thinking that no language could be too harsh by which no characterise the selfish heartlessness and the consummate cunning of the Brahmin tyranny by which India has been so long governed. How far the Brahmins have succeeded in their endeavors to enslave the minds of the Shudras and Atishudras. those of them who have-come to know the true state of matters know well to their cost. For generations past they have borne these chains of slavery and bondage. Inummerable Bhatt(Brahmin)writers. with the selfsame objects as those of Manu and others of his class, added from time to time existing mass of legends, the idle fantasies of their own brains, and blamed them off upon the ignorant masses of Divine inspiration. or as the acts, of Deity himself. The most immoral, in human, unjust action and deeds have been attributed to that Being who is all Holiness himself — Mahatma Jyotirao Phuley

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