8. Election of K.R. narayanan as President off india A manipulation of Ruling Castes – Waman Meshram

K.R. Narayanan is all set to become the next President of India. He is being called as the first Dalit President of the country. It is now clear that almost all political parties, except Shivsena have declared support to his candidature. Why Narayanan has become such a darling boy of all political parties and what is the manipulation behind making him President? Is it an attempt by the Ruling Castes to satisfy the scheduled castes by mere tokenism, who are actually demanding share in power? Can they be satisfied by this? In this article all these aspects are being exposed – Editor

Election process of President begins.

Today, our country is passing from the phase of an important election process. But this election is not of state assemblies or parliament. It is the election of President of India. And for the first time in democratic history of India, the election of president of the country assumed such a great importance. The term of the present President of India, Shankar Dayal Sharma is coming to an end in July 97. Hence, the election of a new president has become necessary and the preparations of the same has begun on a large scale. The Election Commission has already declared a programme of the election. Many important, as well as un-important personalities have joined.the election fray. That is why, many colours are being attached with the election. Alpngwith this, for the first time, social contexts are also being attached with the election of President of India, because, K.R, Narayanan, a Scheduled Castes for name’s sake is contesting the election with the support of all most all parties and his election as next president of india is being considered as decided. That is why, the election has assumed such an importance.

Consensus of main parties

Majority of the political parties have declared their support to a Scheduled Caste candidate, K.R. Narayanan. Those political parties have also declared their support to him, which are normally considered as anti-scheduled caste. It seems, Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) has also decided to support Narayanan. It also appears, no party is having a courage to oppose the candidature of S/C person. Only Shiv-Sena is an exception. Opposition by Shiv Sena expresses their political helplessness, because the voters of Shiv-Sena are by and large anti S/c. Therefore to keep them pleased, is the political helplessness of Shiv Sena. Hence, Shiv Sena is supporting a brahmin candidate, ex-chief election commissioner, T.N. Seshan. Besides, Shiv Sena has nothing to do with fulfillment of dream of Gandhi.

What are reasons of support.

All the main political parties have declared their support to K.R. Narayanan. In our opinion, the scheduled caste people are burning with the desire of revolt and it has become necessary to throw water on their burning desire, so that the desire of revolt can be controlled. If this desire of revolt is not controlled, it may destroy the entire system. That is what the upper castes are thinking. Hence, with the objective of protecting their system, the upper castes have decided to support K.R. Narayanan.This is the main reason of their support to a Scheduled Caste candidate K.R, Narayanan. Th|ere is also another important reason behind supporting him. It is that, for the first time in the history of independent india, some of the scheduled caste politicians have put forth their-claim in a most effective manner to become prime mirrister of the country. It has. Become, necessary to counter this claim and countering this claim, becomes easier only, when some S/C candidate is, made president of India, so that it can be told to them that when you are having your own man as a president of the country, are you hpt satisfied with it? And by saying, their claim on prime ministership can I be countered. Every body knows that President of India is the head of the nation for name’s sake and the entire executive power is concentrated in the hands of the prime minister. And this also must be borne in mind that allthe political parties are opposed to making a S/C as prime minister. In this opposition of all the parties, to make a S/C prime minister, is the basic reason of support to K.R. Narayanan for electing him as president of India.

Dream of Gandhi

It is being said that Gandhi used to dream. Once he saw a dream that some harijan should become the president of India. A scavenger should become the president. K.R. Narayanan belongs to scheduled caster If he considers himself as Harijan, then the dream of Gandhi gets fulfilled. But an important question arises at this stage as to why BJP is trying to, fulfill the dream, of Gandhi? Have the BJP men became Gandhi-vadis? We do not think so, BJP people very well know that – Gandhism is nothing but another form of Brahmanism. In this context, we want to mention here a true event. Once a scavenger graduate boy wrote a letter to, Gandhi and told him that he is educated man belonging to scavenger community and as such he desires to become the member of the constituent assembly. So he told Gandhi that since he is an emancipator of Bhangis, so he should help him in giving a ticket of Congress for election to the constituent assembly. At that time it was not a question of making a Bhangi as president of India. It was a question of making a Bhangi only the member of Constituent Assembly. Gandhi had an ample opportunity to fulfill his dream. What Gandhi did-at that time? Gandhi gave a written, reply to the letter of that Bhangi boy in his periodical “Harijan”. In this reply, Gandhi said that he can not help this Bhangi boy. And for making him a member of constituent assembly, he can not at all help. However, he can help him in one respect. If this boy wants to do the job of a scavenger in a better way, he can help him to show him the ways and means to do the job in a better way. From this example, it can be? Proved that Gandh dream and its propagation is only a means to fool the people. The Congress men know it very well. That is why Congress party earlier never tried to fulfill the dream of Gandhi. But now at this stage, why are they talking of fulfilling the dream of Gandhi |Because, those who are claiming to fulfill this dream, they also want to fool people. But the important question is, whether the people are prepared to be fooled by them? We do not think so.

What has happened to muslims?

Two muslims have upto now become the president of India, and Congress party has made them president. Both of them were upper caste muslims. Congress party was never prepared to give-representation-and leadership to backward muslims. It is because of this reason, muslims could not be benefited, despite their two persons becoming president. On the contrary, muslims had to suffer tremendously. Today the muslims are far behind the scheduled castes in educational field and in other important fields of life. Muslims could not get any benefit, by two of their men becoming president of the country. So by making K.R. Narayanan as president of india, the scheduled castes or bahujan samaj will, not get any benefit. Hence, the bahujan samaj should understand this manipulation and should remain alert.

Not our job

If a scheduled caste person becomes president of India, we can at the most derive a symbolic pleasure, but not as a policy. But if a “Harijan” becomes president, we will be most unhappy. To fulfill the dream of Gandhi can not be the job of Ambedkarites. It is necessary to tell, why we will be unhappy on election of a “Harijan” as president.Because we know the meaning of the word “Harijan”. It means bastard. And by making a bastard as president of India, Gandhi and Gandhi-vadis may derive some pleasure but not we.

Meaning of “Harijan”

Why in our opinion, “Harijan” means bastard? It is necessary to know. In Karnataka, there is a temple of goddess Yelamma. In that temple, the young girls belonging to scheduled castes and some backward castes are presented to the goddess. These girls are called as “Devdasis”, means servants of gods. The brahmin priest and pandas indulge in sex with these girls, but they do not owe the responsibility for the same. They leave it to god. When these Devdasis become pregnant and give birth to a child, these children are called “Harijan” means children of God. Infact, they are the children of Priests and Pandas. Why Gandhi called only untouchables as “Harijan” If harijans mean children of god, then Gandhi is also a child of god. Then, why Gandhi did not call himself as child of god? Because Gandhi was knowing the real meaning of the word “Harijan”. Hence, he did not call himself as Harijan.

V.P.Singh – Another Mahatma.

It has become difficult for us to tolerate one Mahatma. But another Mahatma has come up in the present situation. The name of this Mahatma is V.P. Singh. V.P. Singh is also now a days seeing dreams like Gandhi. When he goes in the rally of Dalit Sena of Ram Vilas Paswan in Delhi, he declares Paswan as next prime minister. And when he goes to “Garib Rally” in Patna, of Laloo Prasad Yadav, he declares Laloo as next P.M. Mahatma V.P.Singh knows that These slogans do not carry any significance. Because, when he got an opportunity to elect the prime minister, he forgot Paswan and Laloo and selected feudal, Devegowda, for prime minister’s job, who calls himself as humble farmer and whose tyres were punctured by Sitaram Kesari. This is the wonder of Mahatma V.P. Singh. Now the same Mahatma has declared to make K.R. Narayanan as President of the country. And by sitting in U.S.A., V.P. Singh feels that his dream will be fullfilled, so that the dream of some Paswan or Laloo Yadav may get shattered. To make K.R. Narayanan as president, is only a tactical move, a mere manipulation of Ruling castes. People of bahujan samaj will slowly understand it and will not fall in this trap and will remain alert about it. It will not be futile to have this hope from the people.

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