6. Social Polarisation of SCs and OBCs can destroy brahminical system Hence, through communists, they are trying to break it – D.K.Khaparde

Mr, D.K. Khaparde, leading functionary of BAMCEF presided over the session. In his presidential address he said that one peculiar question is disturbing our mind today. The question is that revolutionary circumstances have been created in the country, but revolution is not taking place. It has become a riddle as to how revolution can take place. Only because revolutionary circumstances have been created in the country revolution will not come. To bring about revolution, many other things are needed. The objective of BAMCEF is change of system. It is being repeatedly mentioned here. We are also saying that circumstances for change of system are already existing in the country. But the actual change is not taking place. Why this change of system is not taking place? To understand its complexities, we have kept this topic for discussion today,
before understanding what we mean by “Vyavastha Parivartan”? Change in the power structure of the country means change of system, how it will be done? To achieve this objective the first requirement is of social change. Then second requirement is political change and in the end there will come change of system. Social change means, those oppressed and ruled castes who need change of system, there must be refixation and re-establishment in their mutual relations. Brahmin-vad is a system and it has got a definite ideology on the basis of which this system is standing and standing firmly since last two thousand years. Hence if we want to change the system of Brahmin-Vad. Then we must change its ideology today, the mutual relations of the oppressed castes have been fixed in accordance with brahminical ideology. The foundation of it is “Graded Inequality”, unless and until the mutual relations of these oppressed communities, which are fixed on the basis of graded inequality, there can not be a social change. And unless there is a social change, there can not be a political change. Because, due to this inequality existing in their mutual relations, the political.behavior of these oppressed and ruled castes is different, un-united and some lime mutually contradictory. Therefore; because of the reflation and re-establishment of their mutual relations, these castes will be able to rise as one society. Then, their political behavior and action will be one and similar. This will bring political change in the country and then this change can be used for change of system.
There are four pre-conditions without fulfillment of which change of system it not possible. The first and foremost precondition is to have a common objective of all those oppressed castes, who need change of system Today they do not have common objective It is a bitter truth, The second pre-condition is to have a common ideology. It can nto be Gandhi-ism. Lohiya-ism or Marxism. This ideology can only be Phuley Ambedkarism. Today the oppressed and ruled castes are yet to acquire one ideology. But the process has began. In any condition, these castes will have to bring together on the basis of this common ideology of Phuley-Ambedkarisrn. The third pre-condition is development of leadership among these castes. Even among’them, those castes, which are most backward like SCs/STs and M.B.C., the leadership must.be developed among them. Today there are many leaders in these castes. But there is no leadership “working specifically for change of system. It is most lacking. Hence it is necessary to create this leadership among them: The fourth and the last pre condition is social polarisation of SCs and OBCs. Without fulfillment of these four preconditions, you can not achieve the objective of change of system.
When polarisation of SCs and place, if automatically affects other oppressed and ruled castes like STs. The converted minorities, not only get influenced by this polarisation, but it is their demand. We can see it happening in U,P. There, the backward muslims had some time back conducted a special campaign for bringing SCs and OBCs together. Therefore the polarisation of SCs and OBCs has got a potential to bring all the oppressed and ruled communities together. And this polarisation can affect the power structure of the country in a major way, What is this effect? Those ruling and oppressor castes, who are now controlling the power structure of the. Country, because of this polarisation, they are bound to loose their control over the power structure and in their : place, the control of the oppressed and ruled caste will be established. How can this happen? We keep on telling our people that political structure is a mere reflection of the social structure. Those castes, which are considered to be degraded and rightless in social structure, the same castes are degraded and rightless in power structure also. When these castes rise up in social structure, they are bound to rise up in power structure also. Therefore it is necessary to have a change in social relations of these oppressed and ruled communities, which are established on the basis of inequality and conflict, are refixed and re established on the basis of equality and brotherhood. This will bring change in political structure and there will be a revolution in the country.
Today, the OBCs have come up in political power on a large scale. But still, change of system is not taking place. Because, this political power is not being used for bringing change of system. Instead it is being used to strengthen the existing brahminical system. These OBCs are enjoying power within the limitations of existing system and hence change of system is not taking place. Because the polarisation of SCs and OBCs has not taken place. The immediate result of such a polarisation is that the brahmins and upper castes loose their domination. Hence, the ruling castes are not allowing the polarisation of SCs and OBCs to take place. And to break this polarisation, they are planning in various ways and have adopted different strategies. To prevent the polarisation of SCs and OBCs, they have first adopted the strategy of religious polarisation in the name of Hindutva. But the present circumstances of the country has proved that this strategy of religious polarisation has failed and became ineffective. Along with this, the ruling castes have also come to understand that as a reaction of religious polarisation, the process of social polarisation of SCs and OBCs gets momentum and this creates dangers for the ruling castes. Hence, the ruling castes have prepared another strategy to retain their control over the political structure. This strategy is to use the communist brahmins for the purpose of preventing the polarisation of SCs and OBCs.
Sometimes back, we have seen in U.P. that no political party of upper caste can face the polarisation of SCs and OBCs. Hence, they have now brought forward these psudo communists, who are always giving the slogan of class struggle and unity of oppressed of the world, to break this polarisation. They began their efforts and became successful also in breaking the alliance of SCs and OBCs. In this context, we have to note that RSS-BJP the pro~Hindu forces could not break this alliance. At the most, they must have taken some advantage of the situation, but that is also not on large scale. That is why, they are now running this campaign to break the alliance of SCs and OBCs through these pseudo-communists. The communists are very much active today in protecting brahminsm and brahminical interests, Not only that whatever experiments they have concluded in U.P. to break this alliances, they are now extending it throughout the country. In fact 1 would like to go one step ahead and tell our people that today RSS-BJP is not in a position to work for protecting brahiminical interests. Because, the moment they work for this purpose, the SCs and OBCs become united to oppose it, as reaction to their efforts. Hence, today there efforts of protecting brahminical interests are now being made by communists. What is the proof of it? In U.P., B.J.P. has got maximum MPs elected, But very lew of these arc brahmins and large no, of them comes from OBCs. BJP is a brahmin party, but still it could not get more brahmins elected in U.P. Where as CPI (M) is not a brahminical party. But out of the 13 general seats of Lok Sabha in West Bengal, won by communists, 11 of them are brahmins and that too higher brahmins. The remaining two are other upper castes. Not a single M.P. is from OBCs. What more proof we need to prove that at present communists are protecting the brahminical interests.
Secondly, in West Bengal, not a single SC/ ST MLA has been made a cabinet minister. When BJP forms a govt. in any state, it definitely makes SC/ST MLA as Cabinet Minister. They can not do without it. But West Bengal is the only state. Where communists have got SC/ST MLAs. but no minister.They say that there is no capable person with them, whom they can make minister. How they, are working for protecting brahminical interests, this is second proof. The third proof is in connection with Mandal Commission. The comniunists have taken a stand that there are no OBCs in West Bengal. Because of certain pressure of circumstances that are developing in the country. we can find some change in their stand. But as a matter of policy, there is no change in their stand. What more proof we need in protecting brahminical interests by communists. The fourth proof in connection with creamy layer. Today, only the communists are very much active in implementation of creamy layer. Through creamy layer, the rulling castes are conspiring to counter the entire reservation policy and in this conspiracy the communists are leading.
It means. BJP and Congress can not work in present circumstances for protecting brahminical interests, if BJP comes forward for this purpose, there is a direct opposition and as a reaction of this, the polarisation of SCs and OBCs gets strengthened. That is why pro-hindu forces can not become successful. Congress is also a brahminical party. But it can not do any thing to protect brahminical interests, since it is struggling for its existence and in its endeavor to save its existence, it has fallen on the feet of very those people in U.P. who have been degraded most by brahminical system. Therefore, the brahmins have in well planned manner, given this responsibility of protecting the brahminical interests to brahmin communists and Marxists. And today these people are playing their active role in this area. It is this activism of communists that has lead to breaking a mutual understanding and coordination between Kanshi Ram and Mulayam Singh Yadav, The communists have played a big role in keeping BSP out and including S.P. in United Front. These are very recent developments. When Laloo Prasad Yadav president of Janata Dal tried to have political alliance with BSP for parliamentary elections, Harkishan Singh Surjeet of CPI (M) gave a threat that if Janata Dal forms alliance with BSP, they will not join this front. He used veto against BSP.
Mr. D.K. Khaparde in his speech charged that these efforts of communists to protect the brahminical interests has created political instability in the country and it can be seen more vigorously in UP. in U.P. no party can form a govt. without having alliance with BSP. But the communists are preventing this alliance and are spreading political instability. What we have seen in.north India is that when the social relations of the oppressed castes get-reestablished on the basis of equality and brotherhood, the process of making Bahujan Samaj gains momentum and in the same proportion the communists forces become weak. This is the phenomenon that is going on in north India since past few years. The communists have lost enough ground. The biggest example of this is U.P.and Punjab. In Punjab, the condition of communists has become so worst that their biggest leader Harkishan Singh Surjit can not get elected even as Punchatyat member in his own village, but he-dictates terms to the U.F. govt from where he is getting strength to do so? Certainly not from Punjab, but from West Bangal. Here the brahmins have played another trick. What they found is that it is not possible for a brahmin, even if he is communists, to break the polarization of SCs and OBCs. Hence, they have brought forward Harkishan Singh Surjit, a non-brahmin feudalistic person to break this alliance. Why is it so? Because neither BJP nor Congress is capable today to protect brahmanical rule, brahminism and brahmin culture..Hence the comniunists have taken up this responsibility on their shoulders. This is the present picture of the socio-political situation of the country.
Now the foremost question that strikes our mind is, what is the remedy on this problem? The polarisation of the SCs and OBCs in U.P. was infact not a polarisation. It was only a political alliance. And it was between two political leaders. Kanshi Ram from SC and Mulayam Singh from OBC. It is not a proper way of polarisation. They came together to acquire political power and the same power was cause of conflict between them and they parted their ways. What could have actually happened is that, when they came together and got political power, they could have used it to bring change of system. But the same power divided them. Therefore political polarisation is we will have to do two. Things. One is that the oppressed and ruled castes are attached with one or other ideology or organisation, whether it is Hindutva organisation, or socialists or communists. They have a polarization with them. Hence without breaking them from these ideologies and organisation, we can not unite them, with Phuley-Ambedkarite ideology of social change. Hence it is necessary to separate them. Who can do this work? Certainly, those people who consider themselves as Phuley-Ambedkarite. it becomes their duty, to first separate them and then unite them. If BAMCEF activists consider themselves as Phuley-Ambedkarite and are committed to this movement, then they must take initiative in separating the oppressed castes from their present ideologies and organisation and then unite them with Phuley-Ambedkarism. But there is a big hurdle in this work. Today, whatever identity of Phuley and his movement has been established in the country, it has been done by BAMCEF. And the majority of the activists of BAMCEF comes from SCs. These SC employees have established the identity of Phuley and his movement in the country. They have not done this, out of same obligation on Phuley. They have done it and are still doing it, because that is the requirement of social polarization. But despite of these efforts on their part, the OBCs have not been able to understand Phuley’s movement and its significance. But the process has begun. Hence we will have to take initiative in removing this hurdle, which is hampering the process of social polarization.
Secondly, the brahminical system is based on the concept of graded inequality. In this system of graded inequality, the position of OBCs is very peculiar. They are neither high nor low.When they compare themselves with brahmins, they think that they are low caste. But when they compare themselves with SCs, they think that they are upper castes. Hence, they re neither high nor low castes. This mental conflict among them is creating a biggest hurdle in their social polarization. Hence to remove this hurdle, they will have to understand the Phuley-Ambedkarite ideology and movement especially the ideology and movement of Phuley, This can bring social polarization of SCs and OBCs and will bring social change. This social change will result into political changeAnd then, this not political change can be used to bring about a change of system Knowing all things fully well the communists are trying to break this social polarization of SCs and OBCs. We will have to understand all these things, their conspiracies and strategies and do our work in a planned manner.

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