9. “The Arya-Brahmanical forces wants to reserve 100% jobs in services for themselves, that’s why they are sabotaging the reservation system and bringing towards its end” – Waman Meshram

Reservation is the tool provided by the con stitution to interfere within the system. Most of the people who had got into service through reservation don’t know this fact Most of the intellectuals arc of the opinion that reservation is provided only to get service and nothing else. Once our intellectual get’s into service, they forget everything. So there is a need of a elaborate discussion on this subject. These were the views expressed by Mr.Waman Meshram, Na tional President. BAMCEF. While concluding the session of fourth Delhi state convention which was or ganized at community center. Karol Bagh. New Delhi on 15lh October 2002 (Dussera Day)
Speaking further he said that most of the in tellectuals or employees knew that after every 10 years the reservation gets extended for another 10 years. But they don’t know which reservation gets extended. There are two types of reservation. One is political reservation and other is related to service or employment. After every 10 years the political reservation gets extended, but our employees thinks that the reservation in service gets extended. Article 330 and 332 only gets amended after every 10 years. Even our advocates arc unaware of this development, what to talk of other employees or common man? The Arya Brahmimcal toilet papers also propagates that the reservation in services has been extended for 10 years. Even prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpeyee annouched in his speech on 15th August that the res ervation has been extended for another 10 years. His speech is listened by crores of people, wheareas my voice is listened by 500 delegates attending this con vention. Also these 500 delegates after listening the speech even don’t propagate it in field. They keep the views with themselves. That is the problem. Reservation is getting ended day by day. But our people arc totally unaware of it. They don’t know how it is going towards end. What conspiracies had been played and is being played to get it sabotaged, our people are not knowing. If the beneficiaries of reservations are not knowing the root cause of sabo taging the reservation, how they will stood against the enemies who are playing the conspiracies.
Our people also don’t know about their ori gin and their own history By knowing history one will come to know who is the creator of reservation and who is the destroyer of it. In 1982 there was some anti-reservation movement in Gujarat I went there for addressing some program. One of the professor present in the gathering approached me and asked me that Gandhiji had given us reservation, but I am not getting why the people in Gujarat are demonstrat ing near the statue of Gandhiji and that too against the reservation. I told him that the people sitting infront of the Gandhiji’s statue are not mad. They are doing write thing, because they know their history. They arc well aware that Gandhiji was the pioneer of anti reservation movement Gandhiji was the first person who went for fast for opposing the political reserva tion which Dr. Ambedkar snatched it from the Britishers. The fast resulted into creating nationwide public opinion in favour of anti-reservation and also in favour of Gandhiji the demon who has been awak ened today is the same demon which was awaken by Gandhiji There are three types of reservation. One is political reservation through which 119 SC/ST MP’s gets elected in the parliament and also 1050 MLA’s get elected Second is reservation in services. Third is the reservation in education, specially professional education Speciality among all these three types of reservation is that the political reservation is get implimcntcd cent percent. The reservation in services and educated is not implemented. Ther^e is not any demand from the society to extend the political reser vation, but still after even 10 years it gets extended to further 10 years. Because this political reservation helps in creating stooges, which can dance to their tunes.
There are hundreds of constitutional judge ment/provisions, but not a single rule even atter 54 years of independane had been made for implement ing reservation. There is only executive order. There is no act If there could have been any act, then there would have the provision of punishment for non-imple-mcnting the act There is a provision of punishment for roberry. Murder, but still the roberry or murder had not stopped till date. As far as reservation con ccrned. There is no act, then hofv it yvill get imple mented or how anybody will get punished. All the executives arc knowing that there is no rule or act made in the constitution for non-implementing the res ervation, then why should we worry? Why he should implement it. if there in no provision of punishment? There are hundreds of examplcs of how these Arya Brahmins had sabotaged reservation and brought towards its logical end previously there was vacancy based roster, which was benefiting SC/ST/OBC people. In this system whatever the posts it may be. but it was divided as per reservation percentage meant for SC/ST/OBC & General. Since this system was benefiting the indigenous and more and more people were getting benefit of it.
Soon our enemy changed the vacancy based roster system into post based ros ter system. In this system every post is assigned to particular category and for getting one SC seat, there should be atleast 8 scats of employment. Among 8 seats, the 7th no. will be given to SC category and 13th one to ST category if there are less than 7 AP pointments at a time, not a single one will be given to SC/ST This way they are play ing the conspiracy. Previously all the 7 seats were distributed among SC/ ST/OBC and General. But by this new 200 point ros ter system only general condidates will get benefit, and not the Indigenous one. Also there is 50% job reservation for 15% general category people. But by this 200 point roster system this 50% reservation will rise to 75 to 85%. Mulnivasi Bahujans, who consti tutes 85% of the population will get 15% reservation. They had also cancelled reservation in single post. They had also given the decision that their will be no reservation in super specialty courses, military, judi ciary areas. Our enemy has one typical answer for every question and that is the candidates are not available and those who are available are no suit able”. Now they had even crossed this limit. There was one recent-example in Delhi Subordinate ser vice selections Board’s (DSSSB) appointments. DSSSB had brought new circular say ing that the mi grated people will not get any benefit of reservation in Delhi. There was one candidate who originally be longed to Uttar Pradesh but now settled in Delhi. He belonged to Chamar caste He applied for the teach ers post and ranked in the General list. He was among the toppers of General candidates but still he did not get selected as teacher.
The reason that was told was while filling up the application form the candidate had declared himself as Chamar and that too of Uttar Pradesh, so he is migrant from UP to Delhi. Since he is migrant, he will not get any reservation benefit. So he will be considered as general. But he will also not get the general seat, though he has ranked himself in the general list, because he has declared himself as Chamar in the application form so he is neither a Chamar by caste nor he is considered in general list. So who he is the question before us.
Last year prime minister Atal Bihari declared in parliament to fill up 3 lakh 57 thousands backlog vacancies. When this issue was brought up for dis cussion in the parliament. Mr Ram Jethmalani was a law minister. One of the parliamentarian asked a simple question to Jethmalanijii that what is the deadline he had put to fill up the backlog vacancies To this Jethmalaniji said that he have not yet thought of it. That assurance is still on the record of parliament and to our information till date no vacancy have been filled out of 3 lakh 57 thousand vacancies. But the reality is something else. The rulling caste conspiried something else and propagated something else in the media. Before this rule there was no 50% ceiling on reservation word in the constitution, but by taking our names Atal Bihari very smoothly introduced the “50% ceiling” word in the constitution and the supreme Court ruling had changed it into constitutional provision and now has became mandatory for one and all.
There is provision of reservation in Bihar state for most Backward classes. But there is no reserva tion at cenral level jobs for most backward classes, as center has not prepared any list of most Back ward class There is almost 10 crore population of most Backward classes throughtout India among the population of 102 crore of India The population of America is 25 crore. So almost half of the population of America is the population of most Backward classes in India In Maharashra State these tribes are called under the name of NT.DT. VJNT.
One new development had arisen and that I came to know from one of the full time activist from Kerala. He passed on the information that the state Government had excluded the names of 5 castes from the scheduled caste list of Kerala. The state Govern ment is not the authentic authority to exclude any body’s name from the list. There is congress Govt. in Kerala. Same is the government in Delhi. Our people are nearer to congress. They are fan of congress. Our people elected the congress Govt. in Delhi and now inturn they are ending the reservation system itself on which the SC/ST/OBC people are standing. The Delhi Govt. had brought back new policy. They had observed that more than 9.5% people of Delhi is the migrant one. And those people who had migrated from other developed states are awakening the soci ety, which will be dangerous to them in coming fu ture. So they came out with new policy. They had brought the new circular that the other state SC/ST/ OBC people will not get the reservation benefit in Delhi and resident of Delhi will be considered to those who had came to Delhi before 20/09/1951. So it is an unimaginable task as there was no documentation in 1951 and if by any chance it would have been there, then one will not get it after 52 years. Our enemy is very clear. They don’t want to give reservation to the residents of Delhi as well as to the migrants. So there will be 100% reservation of seats for the general cat egory candidates. And the Mulnivasi Bahujans will get nothing. So 100% reservation will be there for 15% general people. So where we are? All the forth coming generations will become handicap and indi rectly will become slave of Arya Brahmins. So it is the duty of every Mulnivasi Bahujan to awaken their co-brothers on this particular issue and form their own strength to fight against their pre determined enemy.

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