17.“The second stage of Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation which includes privatisation of higher and professional education, Conversion of retail marketing into global marketing, Centralisation of retail market into private hands is a conspiracy to nullify and thereby sabotage the constitutional rights of the indigenous people (Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj) of India so as to force slavery on them.” – Waman Meshram

From last year on 16th April at ShivajiPark, Mumbai, we started organising the joint celebrations of our great leaders. We are organizing these joint celebrations of the birthdays of our great leaders at Ahmedabad on a national level this year.
On this day we are discussing this issue, “The second stage of Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation which includes privatisation of higher and professional education, Conversion of retail marketing into global marketing, Centralisation of retail market into private hands is a conspiracy to nullify and thereby sabotage the constitutional rights of the indigenous people (Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj) of India so as to force slavery on them.”
Rashtriya Mulnivasi Sangh will organize 15000 meetings till the end of this December to highlight this issue. There will be a nation wide awakening through such programmes.
We must seriously understand and comprehend this issue. LPG stands for Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation. This programme of LPG was started by the Congress Party in 1990 and the Congress Party takes the credit of this programe. We too give credit of the implementation of the programme of LPG to the Congress. The Bharatiya Janata Party is an accomplice of the Congress Party and they together started implementing this programme of LPG. At that time i.e. in 1990 Narsimha Rao was the Prime Minisiter and Manmohan Singh was the Finance Minister. Today Manmohan Singh is the Prime Minister. The Central Government has implemented aggressively this programme of LPG for the last 17 years.
Even all the state governments have become excited and enthusisastic and are looking forward to implement this programme of LPG. Thus both the BJP and the Congress are aggressively implementing this programme of LPG. Even the Communists are taking the initiative in the implementation of LPG.
What have been the consequences of LPG on Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj? The policy of LPG has been implemented for the last 17 years but the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj is ignorant of the adverse effects of LPG. The Government does not want to provide information about the adverse effects of the policy of LPG. In fact they want to hide this information from the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj. There is a conspiracy behind all this. We want to awaken the people regarding all this and make them aware of this conspiracy and then organize them.
The Central Government started implementing the policy of LPG in Government Sectors and Public Undertaking Sectors. The BJP, the Communists and the Congress together have started privatization in the Government and the Public Undertaking Sectors. The Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes, the Other Backward Classes and the indigenous Converted Minorities have reserved seats in the Government sectors and the Public Undertaking Sectors. There are about 2 Crore government posts and atleast 1 crore of these posts would have been occupied by the persons amongst the SCs, the STs, the OBCs and the indigenous converted Minorities. If we were to consider that an average family consists of 5 members then atleast 5 crore people were directly dependent and could have made their living on these government posts.
But as the programme of LPG is being aggressively implemented Reservation for the SCs, the STs, the OBCs and the indigenous converted Minorities in the Government Bureaucracy and Public Undertaking Sectors has become practically null and void. There may be the provision for reservation in our Indian Constitution but it exists now only on paper. Practically the reservation policy has become completely null.
There has been a complete ban on Recruitment for the last 12-13 years. If there is recruitment there will be reservation. If there is no recruitment there will be no Reservation.
Educated people amongst the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj who read news and watch television do not have any information. Those who need to know and be informed are completely ignorant. If the educated people from amongst the indigenous people are ignorant who will educate the illiterate people. Kumbhkaran was maligned in Ramayana because he used to sleep for 6 months at a stretch. Our people are Grand grandfathers of Kumbhkaran as they have been sleeping for 17 long years.
Thus the first adverse effect of LPG was that Reservation was nullified. The policy of Reservation guaranteed reserved posts and the availability of these jobs provided inspiration and motivation to the people in the villages who starved themselves but educated their children so that their children could aspire to occupy those Government posts. But now as the policy of Reservation has become null, this inspiration and motivation no longer exists. Even the motivation for learning and getting educated has died down. Lack of education will lead to lack of development of the brains of our people. Our people wouldn’t be able to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. They will not be able to reason, analyze and make decisions. You know that an animal does not have the ability to reason, analyze and make decisions. The ruling castes want to push our people down to the level of animals. LPG is the program to make animals of our people. Even our educated people do not have this information. Who will educate the illiterate? The implementation of the policy of LPG has forced 60 crore people in India below the Poverty Line. One new class has emerged amongst these 60 crore people. This is the class of 25 crore people who have been forced below the Starvation Line.
The Ruling Castes use the Hindi word ‘Kuposhan’ for the English word ‘Starvation’. Our people do not understand the Hindi word Kuposhan. They think that Kuposhan is some sort of a disease. But in ordinary Hindi kuposhan means Bhookmari. The Godowns of the Food Corporation of India are full of every kind of grain. But this food is not sent to the starving population of India. They Government say they do not have money to send food to the starving people of India. But the Government allocated 400 crores to the Indian Space Research Organisation to plan a mission to the Moon. The Government says it has no money for the poor.
This is mass slaughter by forcing starvation on the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj. There is not a single line about this catastrophe in the National Newspaper. Thus our people do not have any information regarding all this. The wedding ceremony of Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachhan was highlighted daily in these news channel and newspapers. But the same media does not print a single line about the starvation deaths in our country. We see that the head of a family commits suicide by consuming poison. He even poisons his own family members. They report that investigation is in progress. But I say is there any need for investigation. Just go and look into the utensils kept in the kitchen. Our people blame it on their fate. Our people say it is the writ of the Brahma. But it is the writ of the Brahmins. Nehru was the first Prime Minister of India. The first Five Year Plan planned a budget of 3700 crores. In Sonia Gandhi’s time i.e today the total expenditure of just one year is about 5 lac 1000 crores rupees. If Sonia Gandhi wishes she could remove the starvation and poverty of our people in just 5 years. If A.B.Vajpayee wishes he could do the same. If the Brahmins who plan the budget of India wish then they could end this starvation and poverty of our people. But they simply do not want to allocate any budget for eradication of poverty and starvation of our people. It simply means that our poverty and starvation is the writ of the Brahmins. We need to seriously think of this and act accordingly. Sooner or later those who are not below the poverty line will be forced below the poverty line or even the starvation line. This is a Mass-Slaughter programme being implemented by the Government. These were the catastrophic consequences of the first stage of Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation. The adverse consequences of the policy of LPG should have made the government to terminate this policy immediately. But they knowingly started implementing the 2nd stage this programme of LPG.
The 2nd stage of LPG includes:

  1. Creation of SEZ i.e. Special Economic Zones.
  2. Absolute Privatization of Higher and Professional Education
  3. Conversion of Retail market into Global market to centralize and monopolize retail market into private hands.

These are dangerous programmes which spell impending doom for the future of the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj. These three programmes are being implemented on a large scale.
Do you know how a bill is passed? First it is put up for discussion in the Rajya Sabha, then in the Lok Sabha and then the President gives his approval. After all this procedure it is finally published in the gazette. But without any discussion this bill (SEZ) was passed in the RajyaSabha and the LokSabha. If the bill would have been discussed, the people of India would have known about the adverse consequences of SEZ. This bill was passed without discussion. Any bill which is passed without discussion is absolutely unconstitutional. The President shouldn’t have given his approval to this undiscussed bill and unconstitutional bill. But the President gave his approval. Even the Supreme Court has not opposed this unconstitutional bill. All of them are in this Conspiracy. We need to understand this. They call Mr.Kalam, the President, a true Rashtrawadi (Nationalist). Is he a fool or a donkey that he does not understand simple things? He has signed on a bill which was not discussed in the Parliament. He could have asked them to discuss the Bill. The Constitution of India has bestowed such powers on the President. But the President didn’t exercise any of his power. He should have but he didn’t. Thus they are all in this conspiracy. It is written in the bill that for a Special Economic Zone minimum 2000 hectares i.e. 4500 acres of land and maximum 35000 hectares i.e. 80000 acres to 1,00,000 acres of land must be allocated. There was widespread unrest in West Bengal over this land acquisition. Due to this growing unrest the Government says that the land allotment to SEZ will be 1000 acre minimum to 10,000 acres maximum. But this latest statement has been issued to befool the people. It has been done to deflate the growing opposition of the people. Factually such an order has not been passed. It is a huge conspiracy.
They are betraying this country. Therefore they cannot be trusted at all. It is mentioned in the bill that only 10% of land allotted to SEZ will be used for development of industries. The rest i.e. 90% of the land will be used for developing Real Estate. Real Estate means Handling of the land to Big Builders so that they could build multi-storey buildings. If only 10% of land will be used for industry then only 10% of the total land allocated for SEZ must be actually allotted. But in reality 1 lac acres land is being allotted. Thus through a simple bill the government along with the state governments wants to buy agricultural land from farmers at a cheap rate and sell it even more cheaply to capitalists.
Before develop of Real Estate on the SEZ land, one acre of agricultural land will normally cost 1, 00,000 rupees. After development into Real Estate the same land will cost 10 crore rupees. 1 lakh acres of Real Estate land will cost 1, 00,000 * 1, 00,000,000 rupees. Thus the land of the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj is being forcibly bought by the government to sell it cheaply to the Capitalists. This is nothing but a huge Land Scam.
The Government says that the Capitalist will use his own money to develop the land. But in reality the capitalist will earn 1, 00,000*1, 00,000,000 rupees and will only invest 1%-2% of what he earns. Thus this is land scam. Just imagine of what huge proportion this land scam really is? The Government has proposed a tax exemption of 2, 00,000*1, 000* 10,000,000 (2 lakh1000 crores) rupees annually for SEZs. There will not be Custom Tax, production tax, sales tax, etc There will not be any duty on raw material imported. There will be no duty on finished goods exported. There will be complete tax exemption for 15 years. Thus the total tax exemption will be 15*2, 00,000*1, 000*10, 000,000=30 lacs 1000 crore rupees. This is nothing but Tax evasion with the help of a simple bill and by making a law. By simply passing such a bill they want to put all this money into the pockets of the industrialists. Industrialists like Tata, Birla have become great by looting India’s wealth. They say that we do not have merit. But are they becoming millionaires, billionaires by their merit or by looting the country’s wealth? Plundering the country’s wealth is not a sign of being meritorious. Those who loot and plunder the country’s wealth are called Dacoits. Everywhere in the world such people are called as Dacoits. This is carried in a joint way (check)
If this amount (30 lac 1000 crore rupees) goes into the government treasury instead of going into the Industrialists’ pockets then it could be spent on our peoples’ health, education etc. But this money will now go into the Industrialists’ pockets. The government wants to put all this money into the Industrialists’ pockets. This is nothing but TAX SCAM.
Harshad Mehta who laundered 1000 crores died of blood pressure and heart attack. But these people have sound hearts and even their blood pressure is normal. This is a planned conspiracy.
The bill of SEZ says that the SEZ’s will be foreign territories. It says that the SEZ will be deemed to be a foreign territory. Why do they say that the SEZ’s will be foreign territories? Does our constitution apply to Nepal, Bangladesh or Pakistan? The answer is no simply because Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan are foreign territories. The bill simply says that the constitution will not be applicable in SEZ’s. No Indian law can be enforced in SEZ’s. No person will be allowed to even enter these SEZ’s without permission and a pass. I had to apply for a visa before going to England. I enquired what exactly does visa mean. They said it is an entry pass. If you want to enter into Ambani’s SEZ you will have to procure an entry pass. Thus an Indian citizen will have to procure an entry pass to enter a SEZ as it will be a foreign territory.
If the constitution is not applicable to SEZ, then it is nothing but betrayal of the constitution. Thus land is being brought at throwaway prices and is being converted into foreign territories. This is betrayal of the nation. If the constitution is not applicable then all the fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution become null. Those who do not have fundamental rights are called as slaves. Slaves do not have fundamental rights. Those people who will live in SEZ’s will be nothing but slaves. They will be made slaves. They won’t have any rights. They can’t go to the High Court and the Supreme Court because SEZ’s will not be in the jurisdiction of these courts. These SEZ’s will be called as Ambani Region, Tata Region, Mahindra Region etc and the Industrialists who own these regions will say that SEZ’s is a foreign territory and the constitution of India is not applicable to any foreign territory. The Supreme Court and the High Court will not have any power to adjudicate on a case from a SEZ because SEZ will not be under their jurisdiction. Lawyers know that a case of Vadodara can be adjudicated upon in Vadodara but not in Ahmedabad. The Brahmin who wrote the draft of SEZ explicitly mentioned that SEZ will be a foreign territory so that it cannot be challenged in any Indian Court. Just imagine if all the territory of India is converted into SEZ, will the Indian Nation exist? Every region will be a foreign territory where the Indian constitution will not be applicable. Does the Parliament have a right to make such a law? The answer is definitely no.
The Constitution of India says that India is a sovereign country. There cannot be a nation without a nation. Thus SEZ is nothing but a dangerous conspiracy of unimaginable proportion.

The Bill of SEZ says that if any industrialist who invests in SEZ by taking loans from any foreign institutions goes bankrupt then all his loans will be cleared by the Indian government. The responsibility of clearing the loan will be the responsibility of the Indian Government. Now any scheming foreign or Indian Industrialist will invest in SEZ and then declare to have become a bankrupt. He will run away with all his money. But the Indian Government will have to clear his loans from the money that it collects as tax from us. The Indian Government is an accomplice in this conspiracy. Our MLA’s and MP’s are part of this conspiracy. They have sold themselves. These MLA’s, MP’s, Chief Ministers are all slaves who have sold themselves. Everything is being done against the law of the land and against the constitution of India. If this programme of Creation of SEZ’s was in the interest of the nation why was not it discussed in the Parliament? If SEZ’s were for the welfare of the nation why was not it discussed in the Parliament? They say that this programme is being implemented to transform India into a great nation. If this is true why was not it discussed in Parliament? If it would have been discussed in the parliament people would have come to know about it. But they wanted to hide the real motive. This clearly suggests that it is a huge conspiracy. There will be no Labour law in SEZ’s. A worker will have to work for 16 hours and will receive the salary of 8 hours. Our people do not know the difference between service and slavery. If you work for 8 hours and receive a salary for 8 hours’ work then it is service. But if you work for 16 hours and receive a salary for 8 hours’ work then it is slavery. Our Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj is basically a labour class.
Thus SEZ is a programme to enslave the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj. It is a programme to make slaves of us and that too of the worst kind.
The next programme of the ruling castes is to absolutely privatize higher education and professional education. Sukhdeo Thorat, a scheduled caste person, from Amravati near Nagpur was made the chairman of the University Grants Commission. He was formerly a lecturer in the Jawaharlal Nehru University. The main work of UGC is to give grants to 250 Universities across India. The grants facilitate admissions of the students belonging to SC’s, ST’s and the OBC’s.
Now Arjun Singh has introduced a bill which seeks to amend some functions of the UGC and to make all universities completely autonomous. This bill is under discussion in the parliament, in the parliamentary committee. Autonomous universities will be completely free from Government regulations. No grants will be issued to universities from now on. Whatever kind of education these universities aim to provide, be it professional or higher education, they will be permitted to provide, by giving them the right to exact exorbitant fees. Thus the poor will be systematically debarred from getting professional education and higher education.
The poor will be unable to seek admission to professional courses like Engineering, Medical, MBA etc as he will not have the capacity to pay 10-15 lakh rupees annually for such courses. They have started a campaign named, “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan” This campaign says that all children shall be educated till the 8th standard. Students shall be promoted from one standard to the following higher standard without conducting any sort of examination. In such way a student will be gradually promoted to standard eight. These students will not be able to write even their own names. Such will be the kind of education without examinations. Even a 8th standard pass student shall not be able to write his father’s name.
Exams are conducted for the development of Merit. A student has to necessarily study for the examinations which leads to development of merit in him. With this merit our people can compete with them. But this is not being allowed to happen.
In Maharashtra, in Marathi, we call this method of promoting students without subjecting them to examinations as, “Dhakkal Pass”.
This will retard the development of the minds of our people. Our people will not be able to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. They will not be able to think logically. They will not be able to compare and study. They will lack ability to analyse and assess things. They will not be able to form their own opinions. They will be incompetent to draw inferences and conclusions. Thus they will be totally incapacitated to make any decision. A leader is essentially a person who can make decisions. A leader is able to make his progress and his community’s as well. They want to convert us into a herd of animals. Not many people are required to drive a herd of animals.
I want to mention an incident regarding the ‘Rabbari-Bharwar’ community in Gujarat. Once a jeep driver who was carrying extra passengers was caught by a constable and brought before the Inspector. The driver explained that he was only carrying 9 passengers. The Inspector asked the constable how many passengers did the driver actually carried in his jeep. The constable replied that the jeep carried 15 passengers. The driver then explained that he was carrying only 9 passengers because the rest of the persons belonged to the ‘Rabbari-Bharwar’ community.
They do not even consider these people as passengers. Such is their plight! Can we expect the ruling castes even to consider these people as human beings? A ‘Rabbari-Bharwar’ drives a herd/flock of sheep and cattle. But now our people will be dumb driven cattle for the ruling castes. By debarring us from getting Higher and Professional education they are planning absolute devastation of our people.
Most of the people employed in the retail sector in India belong the the OBC’s and the Muslims. 4 Crore people have got self-employment in the Retail Sector. The Government does not want to provide employment in the Government Sector and the Public Undertaking Sector. Even Self-Employment in the Retail Sector is being systematically ended. Big Malls and Outlets will slowly destroy whatever self employment our people had in the Retail sector. Now Ambani will sell ‘spinach’ in his Malls. He will send his trucks directly to the farms and purchase vegetables from the farmers. The trucks will carry those vegetables to the respective malls. Ordinary vegetable-sellers will not get any vegetables to sell in the market. They will lose their employment. Thus the Industrialists will takeover completely the Retail market of India. 4 crore people, mostly belonging to the Other Backward Classes and the Minorities will be directly affected and they will lose their work. Our future and our physical world will be controlled by the Industrialists. This is nothing but slavery. Our Mulnivasi India will be plunged into the mire of slavery. It means that the first stage as well as the second stage of Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalization is a conspiracy to enslave the Mulnivasi Indians and Our Mulnivasi Bharat. These programmes are not being implemented to make India great but to enslave India. Our highly educated people such as IASs, IPSs, IRSs, Doctors, Engineers, and Lawyers etc say that it is not possible to oppose LPG.
In the Lok Sabha elections of 2004 ordinary people brought down the Government of Bharatiya Janata Party and Atal Bihari Vajpayee was brought down on the road. Just by the ordinary people of India!
Congress was brought to power but the ordinary people wanted a complete halt to Privatisation. But the Congress Party continued with Privatisation. In the recent elections to the 5 states Congress was completely defeated. After that elections took place in another three states in which Congress lost again. Now there are impending elections in Uttar Pradesh. Newspapers are already saying that Congress will be number 4 party in UP. Such is the miserable state of Congress before the UP elections! And such will be its plight even after the UP elections.
Ordinary people have brought them down on the roads. Ordinary people have shown that they have the capacity to oppose. But our educated people who have the required intellectual capacity say that it is not possible to oppose LPG! They are nothing but offspring of Eunuchs! Normally Eunuchs are not capable to produce children. Eunuchs are not capable of producing children but still these educated people (who say that it is not possible to oppose Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation) are the offspring of Eunuchs. It means that they are bastards. A bastard is a person who has two fathers.
Ordinary people opposed these programmes in Nandigram in West Bengal. Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, CM of W. Bengal was forced to take back his decision to create SEZ in Nandigram. The Central Government was forced to change its programme of SEZ.
If people are awakened and prepared it is possible. This is a dangerous situation for the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj. It is possible to oppose all this. It is possible to fightback and repel this attack on the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj. Our forefathers and our leaders had created a Nation-wide Movement for our independence. But this movement was destroyed by Congress, Gandhi and the stooges of the Congress.
On this occasion we pledge to resurrect the movement of our leaders. To resurrect the movement of our leaders we need five types of means and resources- time, talent, money, labour and brains. All these have to be given to resurrect the movement. If you contribute these above mentioned resources you can resurrect the Nation-wide movement of our great leaders. That movement had given us constitutional rights and had removed us from the mire of slavery. That movement needs to be resurrected. We will organize such programmes in various regions and capitals of various states of this country. This will be nation-wide programme. We pledge to spread this movement in all the regions of India. A similar programme of state level will be held in Rajkot in Gujarat. We will utilize our full strength in Gujarat to organize this programme.

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