Addressing the last session of the 1st day of the 22nd National Convention held at Agra, Mr. Waman Meshram says that the subject designed for this session is very important in view of Nationwide Movement. The citizenship Amendment Act. 2003 alternatively as long as this Act remains applicable which has deprived the migratory Bengalis from their rights for citizenship, their problem could not be/would not be sorted out and solved until and unless it is seen to combine with the movement of our great dignitaries and personalities of Bengolies and linking it with the prospective to revive it in the form shape thereof as the Nationwide Movement. These two enter-linked subjects have been designed to discuss and debate there on.
The subject is extremely serious. We will have to go in deep about the events surrounded this matter. It is historical fact that in 1946 the elections of assemblies were being conducted. Gandhi and Congress both were not in favor that Baba Saheb should have an opportunity to represent on behalf of the untouchables of India and even widely declared that not only door even windows were closed for his entry into the constituent Assembly. In Maharastra at was difficult for Baba Saheb to stand and be elected to the constituent Assembly. In such hard situation then prevalent, Mr. Jogendra Nath Mandal assured Baba Sahab to make him elected to the constituent Assembly. Though Mr. Jogendra Nath Mandal was the candidate yet he sacrificed his interest and managed to have elected Baba Saheb to the constituent assembly even in spite of the fact that the Bengal Region was populated in majority by Muslims who were politically in rule these prevailing there circumstances were tangible. Mr. Jogendra Nath Mandal who represented Khulna, Jassor, Borisal and Faridpur and by other colleges as there was 70% population of our people of Mulnivasies, made the base for Babasaheb to be elected and succeeded in his efforts. Hopes of Gandhi and his congress shattered. Babasaheb was made to represent us in the constituent Assembly. This was due to the conscious efforts and foresightedness of Mr. Jogendra Nath Mandal.
Imaginatively many facts emerged out of the circle of events. Had Babasaheb been not managed to have been elected to constituent assembly, he would have not been recognised as the representative of the oppressed and exploited communities. It was a crusade against our enemies Gandhi and congress. Congress under compulsion had to compromise with Babasaheb. It could be sensed an extremely situation. Hopes of Babasaheb could have crumbled, would have no opportunity to represent us and offered the chairmanship to construct the constitution of India. It is justly presumed that played a significant role to strengthen us legally and constitutionally. It would not be exaggeration to say that we the Mulnivasi of the country have been saved from the social slavery by our Bengali Brothers. Situation so prevailed in the past was the pre thought conspiracy to commit genocide. No we are in a position to stand and struggle for constitutional rights we all Mulnivasies need compulsorily and constitutionally to realize the sense of unity in disparity.
It is this quite understandable that our respected leader Mr. Jogendra Nath Mandal served the humanity played extremely important role faced the tactful conspiracy of Gandhi Nehru and Rajendra Prasad who were deeply shocked. So these congress people gave the East Bengal, where 70% population was of our people, in Partition of India. It was the then law of the British Parliament that the division of India would be made on the basis of population. The basis of division of India was the majority of Muslims and non-Muslims. The basis was percentage formula, surprisingly the East Bengal was having the 70% population of Mulnivasi, was parted with to form the East Pakistan. This was retaliations. Our migratory 3 crores Bengali had become and have been still becoming the victim of the discrimination of the Brahaminical click, who in retaliation agreed to hand over the abundantly inhabited area of the East Bengal to Muslim, where they were in minority. Thus the East Pakistan created and our brothers migrated from the East Bengal had become the victim of atrocities.
Now the time has come to think over our problem especially the migratory Bengali who were never allowed to settle in the West Bengal after the partitions by the Brahaminically dominated Government there. This was due to the fact that had they been allowed to resettle in the West Bengal areas there would have emerged political establishment there. The three crores migrated Bengali would have emerged a political force menace to the communist Brahaminical Government. These migratory Bengali brothers were compelled to settle in other parts and places of the country. Where they have been living in the precarious condition without having the constitutional rights, specially the right to citizenship scattered and spread our Bangali brothers have been facing the of starvation and recination contrarily non-Muslim who migrated from West Pakistan-Punjab Sindh and other parts thereof, were resettled loans and places were provided to them who are more prosperous in comparison to the migratory Bengali brothers. Even the properties left by these people had non-been exchanged and transferred till today these migratory Bengali Brothers have been living in the poor condition in the West Bangal and even other states of the country. This was due to reason that our great leaders of Bengal managed to send by election Bababaheb to the constituent assembly of the country where the proved the heavy weight to others representatives of the Congress. Babasaheb could control the Constituent Assembly due to his deep knowledge and wisdom.
Further Mr. Meshram gave an example saying that one of our representative from Maharashtra state Barrister Jaykar was asked to speak on the objection Regulation placed by Mr. Neheru in the Parliament. Barrister Jayakar was discouraged created hue and cry and ridiculed by raising loud voice and beating the tables. Barrister Jayakar was so disgusted and depressed and he resigned from the membership of the constituent Assembly and there after he never turned to participate in the proceedings. Congress also pre-planned to discourage Babasaheb by displaying the unprecedented behavior as done with Barrister Jayakar.
Babasaheb surprised to note to provide the early opportunity to speak, nevertheless being unprepared Babasaheb delivered his speech in the Parliament as requested by Dr. Rajendra Prasad. Babasaheb was so impressive and to the point that it was appreciated with beating to tables. The cassette of this speech is available in record. This speech was informative and valuable. Babasaheb being the chairman of the Drafting Committee of the constitution faced situation individually with the courage and devotion. The provisions inserted in the frame-work constitute by Babasaheb was document. It was rather a “Constitutional Revolution. He successfully drafted the constitutional provision and did away with the supremacy of the Brahaminical rule.
Broadly speaking the supremacy in the constituent Assembly of Babasaheb who drafted the constitution, was his prime role. Socio-academic scenario changed, awareness among us spread. Our people had and have the opportunities for all round development. Forest flourished by virtue of our labor and wisdom. Citizenship conferred upon us. Brahamin click was perplexed and remained persistently perturbed. This conspired act of all Brahimin clicks- of Congress-BJP and Communists brought this black act, specifically to deprive the migratory Bengali mulnivasi from their rights of citizenship. Plans were conspired to desert, destabilize and destroy them. Support of media was taken detrimentally. It was started to say and publish that the migratory Bengali are intruder traitor and the danger to the people of India. How it could be said. The Brahaminical click was not to accept them as the Indian personnel due to the political reasons. Their huge assembly in India would have jeopardized their means of living, their existence and identity. In the given circumstance then prevalent, it can conveniently be taken note thereof that disunited migratory Bengali become so desperate that they could hardly raise their voice against their miseries. Stranded this class of destitute Bengali was thrown on the mercy of the Govt. machinery controlled and run by at the state of West Bengal and at Centre the citizenship amendment act was passed so cleverly and cautiously that even today most of us are not aware about its pros and cons. In fact Babasaheb had to be nominated as the Chairman of the Drafting Committee as a result of condition imposed by the British Rulers in India. It was done so under compulsion and compromise. Babasaheb was exclusively a great problem for Gandhi, Congress and its leaders. Whatever Babasaheb had done by drafting the constitution, left a significant reflection. This is for our information and understanding, Babasaheb was the architect. Provisions inserted in the constitution are master pieces which could be termed as a constitutional Revolution, rule of Brahaminical tradition and socio-religious sanction made to merge in duets.
Babasaheb being the chairman of the Drafting Committee and nominee of the oppressed people was a great danger to the Congress. Our people of the undivided Bengal elected Babasaheb to represent in the Constituent Assembly of India. The irritated Congress click divided the Bengal into two parts East Bengal and West Bengal. East Bengal was given to Pakistan though it was deeply populated by SC ST and OBC. The division was against the policy whereby it was provisioned that only those areas of Bengal inhabited by 70% of the untouchable and touchable oppressed communities would be handed over to India. But due to the part was played by Brahamins and tactfully agreed to partition like this as they knew that their supremacy was at stake and danger to their existence. The partition of the Bengal posed multiple problems to our people who became refugee. No shelter was provided, compelled to settle in forest and remote areas and forced to settle in other states so that they may not have the opportunity to live together.
It was sensed by the communist Brahamins to deprive the migratory Bengalis from their right to citizenship and hence these Brahaminical click of CPM, Congress and BJP came together and the citizenship amendment Act 2003 was in acted. All migratory Bangalis mostly Non-Muslim were declared publicly as intruder and traitor. Had these migratory become Muslim, why they would apply their surname as Biswas, Malik, Sarkar and Mandal. This reflects they are not Muslims the matter is not of the Muslim intruder. It is the matter of migratory SC, ST and other like backward classes.
Mr. Meshram further states. I deeply studied the matter explore and analyze the situation problems of our Bengali migratory brothers. I chalked out the special plan to cope with our brother’s problems so computationally created by Brahaminical forces. The counter plan made to make aware our Bengali Brothers about their hidden problems and it was divulged that BAMCEF to is their organization for their safety and cause. This was done to mingle with us. We are also brothers and stand in support and for their safety. Brahaminical click knew the matter hidden behind the act, our people are not aware that the matter is serious for our maintained and existence.
Under phases of the counter plan a conference on 18 and 19 Sept., 2005 on national level was managed to hold at Nagpur to highlight the pros and cons of the Act. Before this convention, the Bureaucrat Machinery acting under the instruction of the Brahanimical click stopped the implementation of Act. Migratory people of Bengal were perplexed of being ousted and were under horror. This conference which simply discussed the problem of the migratory Bengali showed the fruitful results. Atrocities on them stopped. Administrative machinery stopped the implementation of provisions of the Act. Most of us think differently BAMCEF Act strategically with the planned way. But the Govt. of India always have the capacity to sense the public protest due to the political reasons and from the intelligent machinery. The Act is still in existence. Only its implementation has been restrected. But our problem is to abrogate the Act in to. Our Bengali brothers should appropriately know their problem is our problem and the same persists. A tight vegil there on is always required. So to keep matter alive. I know the character of the enemy who will never sit silent. Like wise we should also active and alert owing to this reason this subject was made for the wide and comprehensive discussions.
We all should understand that so long as Act is in existence, our calamity will remain in existence. Our people may the made victim every now and then due to this Act as the Govt. machinery has the force to apply on us. Action under Act now stands still but our Bangali brothers have been not conferred the right to citizenship till now. UNO has the law there about that not a single man can live without the right of citizenship right. I was apprised of by Justice Sawant there about. It follows that citizenship is the birth right and cannot be snatched away. It is the matter of the human right none could be deprived to exercise it. The constitution has also provided safeguards therefore our Bengali brothers who have reported their presence in this convention should not understand, that their problem stand wiped out due to the brake on the implementation of Act. Our enemy may have the alternative strategy for this application we will have our own strategy to cope with the problem. The strategy is that we will have to link our action plan and strategy with the movement launched by Great Peoples of the Bengal. Specifically Guru Chand Gauri Chand launched the movement for this cause and purpose which was followed by Mr. Jogendra Nath Mandal. This movement should be revived linking it with this nation wide movement.
The action plan for the revival of the movement is to trace out our Bengali Brothers scattered and settled in various states of the country to aware them and make them join us, make them part of the organization. Unit’s branch and camps would managed for them who are more than 2 corers in India. Among them there are 2 lakes medical practioners who have to doing the Chandsi-Dawakhana and Ayurvedic dispensary and small hospitals all over the country. Agra has also such dispensaries in many numbers. Economic condition of such Bengali even being not the citizen of India we will make the social network for them through out the country. It will and may develop the human resources and financial resources in a large number in coming times.
This problem of the right to citizenship has brought for us the great opportunity to lay the foundation of the socio-eco. force. Calamities are always the test to judge our strength and to seek justice against injustice. I am solidly thinking to make the strategy which should be brought home to all of us. Wherever you happen to come across such Chandsi medical practitioners, contact and make them aware about this long standing perplexity and problem as they are our people. I say that our workers should make them aware about the identity and existence of BAMCEF which is for them and for their security. We should have made up mind to support them and are not separate from us. This prime necessity in the society we belong to. In every area stage and steps in every district tehsil and township is indispensable to establish our mutual recognition. This will produce human energy and power to launch the nationwide movement for which we have the commitment and socio-moral obligation. After the partition and the formation of Pakistan many people migrated from Sindh and Punjab, who were made to settle here and are in prosperity. One of them a Sindhi Lai Krishan Advani came, became the great leader and has been dreaming to be the Prime Minister of the country, like were I. K. Gujral a refugee from the Punjab had been the Prime Minister of the country. Jyoti Basu has been Chief Minister of the West Bengal. Likewise the present Chief Minister of the state of West Bengal is Buddha Dev Bhattacharya. These both are refugees migrated from the East Pakistan! Contrarely our Bengali Mulnivasi brothers are made to chide dust, brought in the vicinity of starvation and renunation. The grave loss could be anticipated that our migrated Bengali being our kith and kens compelled to remain aloof and distinct from their brothers living in the country. This fact needs the wide publicity and propaganda.
Further I will also tell something more in this context. When I toured to the West Bengal, I met some SC’s, ST’s and OBC migrated persons who told me they are Hindus. I told them that those who have made laws, do not recognize you as Hindu, you are simply refugees and hence you have no right to be called the citizens of India. Brahamin click of CPM, Congress and BJP who conspired and enacted the Citizenship Amendment Act 2003 which passed during the NDA regime. Brahmin is Brahmin first whether it is Congress BJP or CPM. It means that their identity and interest are of the prime phenomenon. In the Durban conference on the creamy layer discussion all the Brahmin participants irrespective of their parties united. Brahmin is a Brahmin. He is neither Communist nor Socialist, Gandhivadi, Sanatani or Progressive. We have noted from the Durban conference held in South Africa and the enactment of the citizenship Amendment Act 2003. Had he been Gandhivadi, he would have not assassinated Gandhi. We should have attention on there facts.
Broadly speaking it is the necessity of the time to make all migrated Bengali Brothers, especially Chandsi Mediocrities in the fold of the organization. They can also become the part and partial of our organization where is their future in all walks of life social, political, economic and cultural. We have developed the concept of Mulnivasi for the unanimity of purpose and the of action. We have designed a casteless society a society for the welfare of the poor, a society for the oppressed and neglected. I remind you that this is risky affair. Our enemy propagates through media and print media publicly and widely concealing the rality that the migrated Bengali brothers are traitor and to sabotage the country. This is being propagated openly but fact is this that they (Brahamins) are not the aboriginal Indians. They are not the Mulnivasi of our land and our country.
In the conference that if these migratory Bengali are allot accepted as the citizen of India, the matter would take violent and serious change in the future. BAMCEF is going to take it its own problem. Nevertheless this migratory Bengali problem is our joint problem and vicariously be handled. I remind you that Babasaheb election managed to facilitate the entry in the constituent Assembly was boom for all of us. This was and could be possible due to the sense and dedicated efforts of our Great Bengali Dignitaries. Side by side BAMCEF promise and take the commitment that we would take issue to the UNO and raise it before the international human rights commission situated at Geneva. We are at more to make the documentation there on to stand a struggle for this purpose.
In the end, I sincerely expect that all delegates participated in the 22nd national Convention go to the field propagate about this burning problem and stand by these oppressed and neglected migratory Bengali brothers and take their cooperation. We are proceeding to build up the nationwide movement. With this I take leave.

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