14. Why was Gandhi assassinated? Gandhi sacrificed the rights of the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes to create Pakistan – Waman Meshram

Addressing the people gathered in the convention on 16* April i.e. on the occasion of “Day of Creation of Nation-wide Movement” in the afternoon session on the subject, “Why Gandhi was assassinated”, Mr. Waman Meshram said, “The Brahmins tell us that Amrit emerged out of the Samudra Manthan that was done jointly by the Devas and the Asuras.
(In the mythologies that the Brahmins have written, Devas and Asuras were at war. They compromised for a period and decided to churn out the seas to get Amrit (potion giving infinite life—an elixir). The churning of the seas is called as Samudra Manthan)
Whether the Amrit really emerged out of that Samudra Manthan we do not know for sure. But we believe that by discussing this subject:- Why Gandhi was killed-amidst people some Amrit shall definitely emerge.
We do not discuss Gandhi Vadh. Because we do not think as the Brahmins think. Gandhi vadh can be a topic of discussion for the Brahmins but not for us. There is a difference between Vadh and Hatya. In the Brahmannical texts Vadh means legal and justified Hatya.
(The words Hatya and Vadh mean Mur-der in English. But there is a difference in meaning between Hatya and Vadh. Hatya means simply murder. But Vadh means legal and justified murder. The Brahmins therefore use the term, ‘Gandhi Vadh’ instead of ‘Gandhi Hatya’.)
We do not think Gandhi Hatya was legal and justified. We have not kept this discussion to support the assassination of Gandhi. When we kept this subject for discussion in Gandhinagar we received a broad reaction. Some people asked us that why were we digging out buried corpses? Some activists told me that such was the reaction of some people. I told them to ask such people about the dispute regarding the Babri Masjid. Who raised the issue of Babri Masjid?—there are many such issues raised by the people of the ruling castes. What is the opinion of Babasaheb Ambedkar regarding the digging of buried corpses? (Gade Murde Ukhaadna in Hindi means to dig out corpses’ in English. It simply means to delve into the past events or incidents. It is used figuratively)
Babasaheb says that those who forget history cannot create their future. In other words it means that those who wish to create their future need to understand their history first. To understand history necessitates digging out corpses. We are analyzing history. This matter is not about supporting or opposing any particular person. We are concerned about our own future and Gandhi is a subject which creates obstructions on our way. It is therefore necessary to think over this issue.
On this subject why Gandhi was killed Brahmins have written a good deal. The Socialist Brahmins, Communist Brahmins, Secular Brahmins, Sanatani Brahmins etc have written on this subject. Even the Mussalmans have written a good deal on this subject. But the devotees of Dr. Ambedkar haven’t written anything on this subject. We thought that the subject has remained incomplete and it is necessary to write on this subject from the Ambedkarwadi viewpoint. We shall start with the reaction of Dr. Ambedkar on the assassination of Gandhi. He said that India was under an eclipse and now the eclipse is over. It is not that Dr. Ambedkar was pleased but he was more concerned about the future of India. The other reaction was that ultimately the caste system killed Gandhi. This is a more solemn reaction. We do not have any analysis of this reaction of Dr. Ambedkar. If Dr. Ambedkar himself had analyzed the matter then it wouldn’t have been necessary for us to speak or write anything about this matter. We would have propagated Babasaheb’s opinion on the matter. As we do not have Babasaheb’s analysis on his own reaction we have to understand the meaning he wanted to convey through his reaction.
Dr. Ambedkar had posed a question to Gandhi asking him about the kind of Varna-Vyavastha Gandhi believed in vertical or horizontal. Is the Varna-Vyavastha vertical or horizontal? Gandhi thought that Dr. Ambedkar intended to trap him. He thought, “If I say that the system is horizontal, Dr. Ambedkar would refute me saying that the system is not horizontal but vertical. Then why do you believe in such a vertical system. If I say that the system is vertical then Dr. Ambedkar will say that I believe in inequality”. Gandhi craftily replied that he did not want to go into the matter whether the Varna-Vyavastha was vertical or horizontal. He just believed in it. A bania may be illiterate but he is clever. Dr. Ambedkar, Dr. Rajendra Prasad and some other people were graduate barristers, but Gandhi was a matric barrister. Gandhi may not have been a graduate barrister, he was just a matric barrister, but the fact is he was at least a barrister. Even an illiterate Bania is dangerous. Gandhi was a Bania as well as a barrister, hence he was more dangerous. According to the Varna-Vyavastha Gandhi belonged to the third Varna, i.e. Vaishya Varna. He was only one level up above the Shudras. The Banias got complete hold on the print media following the advice of Gandhi. Through the Bania dominated media he lured the people of India into his trap. Gandhi’s popularity soared to such great heights that even Brahmins approached Gandhi to seek advice on Dharma. Gandhi belonged to the third Varna but as regards popularity he was at the top. The Brahmins enjoy the topmost position in the Varna-Vyavastha. The Brahmins disliked the fact that Gandhi was at the top albeit in popularity. During the British rule the Brahmins tried to kill Gandhi twice. But he was saved on both occasions. Gandhi was killed when the reign of power came into Indian hands. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the foremost disciple of Gandhi became India’s first Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. After the Home Ministry came in Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s hands an attempt was made to kill Gandhi which was successful.
Gandhi did not want Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel to become the Prime Minister of India. During the election to the post of president of the Congress Working Committee the activists supporting Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel were opposing Pandit Nehru. To make the activists support Nehru instead of Patel Gandhi said that he would rather consider Dr. Ambedkar if there was a fight between Patel and Nehru. This admonishment by Gandhi forced the Congress activists to support Nehru instead of Patel. Gandhi’s stand was never in favour of Dr. Ambedkar. It is the history of Maharashtra that the disciples of Tilak never accepted Gandhi’s thoughts and ideas even though Gandhi was at the top in terms of popularity. Tilak’s extremist disciples never considered Gandhi as their leader. The role of the Caste System has been important in all this. The Caste System never allowed Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel to become the Prime Minister of India because Sardar Patel was a Shudra. The Chief Minister of the Central Province Mr. Khare who was a Brahmin by Caste included an untouchable name Agnibhoj in his cabinet ministry. When Gandhi came, to know this he went berserk. Gandhi sent Sardar Patel to Mr. Khare to tell him to oust the untouchable named Agnibhoj from his cabinet ministry. Mr.Khare was aware of the dispute between Gandhi and Patel. He simply refused to believe that Gandhi who was so concerned about “Harijan Welfare” should ask him to expel an untouchable from his cabinet ministry. Mr. Khare said that it couldn’t be done. When Gandhi came to know of this he said to Mr. Khare that if the untouchables become happy only by the slogan of “Harijan Welfare”, then what is the need of actually doing anything for the welfare of the Harijans. Gandhi then expelled Mr. Khare himself from the cabinet ministry.
A file report foreseeing the possibility of Gandhi’s assassination had already reached the table of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the then Home Minister of India. But at that time Sardar Patel hadn’t forgotten how Gandhi had betrayed him. Even though he had the support of the people of 14 states in the Congress Working Committee he was not allowed by Gandhi to become the Prime Minister. So when the opportunity presented itself to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel he grasped it with both hands thinking perhaps, “Now it is Gandhi’s time”. So no security arrangements were made by Sardar Patel even though the fife suggesting the probability of Gandhi’s assassination in the near future contained proofs of the hatched conspiracy. The people who planned Gandhi’s murder succeeded. After the assassination of Gandhi a committee was constituted under the chairmanship of the judge of the Supreme Court to investigate into the matter. The investigative committee asked Sardar Patel that why he hadn’t made security arrangements even when the file indicating probability of Gandhi’s assassination was with him. Sardar Patel did not give any reply. This implies that Sardar Patel did not make any arrangements for Gandhi’s security. A journalist named Phadnavis, who works with Daily Nagpur Patrika published from Nagpur, has mentioned all this in his book. I believe that when Gandhi had an opportunity he betrayed Sardar Patel and when Sardar Patel had an opportunity he betrayed Gandhi in return. In this matter caste played an active role. Jawaharlal Nehru was a Kashmiri Brahmin. Kashmiri Brahmins have this ego that they are true Aryans and the rest of the Brahmins residing in different parts of the country are not true Aryans. Even today the Kashmiri Brahmins believe in this. it can be said that Gandhi made decisions keeping in mind the caste factor. The examples of Sardar Patel and Subhash Chandra Bose are before us. Also the example of Agnibhoj, an untouchable, is before us. The behaviour of Gandhi towards Ambedkar is an example. What Gandhi used to do, how he used to act is more important than what he used to think or what he used to say I think a person does what he thinks. We have to analyze what a person does. A per-son who is in a real sense awakened analyses the behaviour of people.
The Brahmins say they oppose Gandhi because he approved the partition of India. They say we killed Gandhi because he agreed to give 55 corer rupees to Pakistan. Some people say that Jinnah was responsible for the Partition of India. Advani says Jinnah was a secular person. The RSS says that Advani has committed a big mistake by certifying Jinnah as a secular person. The RSS which is propagating “the mistake of Advani” also believes that Gandhi is truly responsible for the partition of India. If indeed Gandhi is responsible for the partition of this country then why is Jinnah being blamed? If Advani certifies that Jinnah was a secular person on account of Jinnah’s not being responsible for the Partition, then why should the RSS oppose Advani? Some people even believe that Mountbatten was responsible for the partition of India. By throwing the blame on Gandhi or Jinnah it is being proved whether Gandhi’s assassination was justifiable or unjustifiable?
After Gandhi’s assassination no matter what propaganda Congress resorted to, an important part of this propaganda was that Brahmins killed Gandhi because he was a supporter of the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and the Other Backward Classes. In the present times the Congress propagates this amidst the SC’s, the ST’s and the OBC’s. The motive behind this kind of propaganda is to win public opinion. In this way public opinion will stand in support of Gandhi and indirectly in support of congress. Those who wish to run this movement in the present times need to firmly keep this fact in mind. From this viewpoint we shall analyze whether Gandhi was a supporter of the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and the Other Backward Classes?
We shall take the case of the Other Backward Classes first, because if there is any class which is in delusion today it is the OBC. Gandhi never took up the issue of the rights of the Other Backward Classes in the Round Table Conference held in England in 1932. This matter is certainly a matter of research. I got this information from some people that a delegation of the OBC’s met Gandhi to request him to take up the issue of the rights of the OBC’s before the Round Table Conference. But Gandhi never took up this issue. RSS was established in 1925. In the year of 1932 RSS was still a 7 year child. At that time Gandhi was the acting leader of the Hindus; so the RSS did not need to provide leadership. Gandhi was indirectly representing the RSS in the Round Table Conference. Hence Gandhi never took up the issue of OBC’s as this would have divided the Hindus. When Dr. Ambedkar demanded separate electorates for the SC’s and the SC’s, Gandhi opposed while putting forward the logic that this would divide the Hindu society. Thus Gandhi was a representative of the Hindus. Even the Mussalmans had accepted this fact.
The second important thing is that the non-Brahmin movement in Maharashtra run by the OBC’s was dissolved in the Congress. We have the proof that the Non-Brahmin movement in Maharashtra was dissolved in the Congress in the Faizpur Congress Convention. But Periyar Ramaswami who was the leader of the Non-Brahmin movement in South India rebuked Gandhi. Gandhi was still alive when the elections to the Constituent Assembly were taking place. Gandhi never thought of providing representation to the OBC’s in the Constituent Assembly through the Congress Party. Punjabrao Deshmukh(OBC) contested and won the elections to the Constituent Assembly against the Congress. Thus the Congress never gave any representation to the OBC’s in the elections to the Constituent Assembly. Gandhi was alive at that time and he did not give it. Do the leaders and activists of the OBC’s know this fact that Gandhi never gave any representation to the OBC’s in the Constituent Assembly? It was Babasaheb who took up the issues concerning the OBC’s in the Constituent Assembly and for this he had to fight with the Congress.
Shudras in the Varna-Vyavastha have no rights. Those who are entitled to no rights do not even have fundamental rights. They are considered to be on par with animals. The Shudras and the Ati-Shudras benefited the most from the fundamental rights incorporated in the Constitution by Babasaheb. The most important of all rights in the Constitution are the Fundamental Rights. To incorporate Reservation for the OBC’s in the Indian Constitution, Babasaheb had to fight against Congress. He eventually resigned from his post of Law Minister. Due to the pressure from Babasaheb, Jawaharlal Nehru was compelled to appoint a commission to identify the Other Backward Classes. Babasaheb understood that Nehru wanted to sabotage the objective of the Commission by appointing Kakasaheb Kalelkar, a Brahmin, as the President of the commission. Babasaheb then tried to build pressure on Nehru and was successful in sending two of his people as members on the appointed commission. These two members identified 2218 castes as comprising the OBC’s. Thus on one hand he incorporated the Article 340 providing for reservations to the OBC’s and on the other hand he pressurized the government to appoint a commission for identification of the OBC’s. Thus Babasaheb played an important role in the identification of the 2218 castes of the OBC’s. When a delegation of the OBC’s met Punjabrao Deshmukh to request him to meet Dr. Ambedkar so as to convey to him( Dr. Ambedkar) to incorporate the rights of the OBC’s in the Indian Constitution, Punjabrao Deshmukh assured them that it was not necessary as Dr. Ambedkar himself was more serious about the issue. This fact proves that Dr. Ambedkar was fighting in the constituent assembly for the cause of the SC’s, the ST’s and the OBC’s. Even today the leaders and the activists of the OBC’s do not know this fact. The devotees of Dr. Ambedkar do not know this fact because they indulge only in worshipping Dr. Ambedkar. If they were disciples in the real sense then they would have had this information and they would have conveyed this information to the people. This would have made the people rethink of the whole matter. All these facts prove that Gandhi was not a supporter of the OBC’s. Gandhi was a supporter of Varna Vyavastha and the Caste System. Gandhi was a supporter of Untouchability. That Gandhi tried to oust an untouchable from the post of the minister clearly proves this fact that Gandhi was indeed a supporter of Untouchability.
When Gandhi came to Mumbai he went to the Valmiki Basti (colony). Babasaheb decided to test and trap Gandhi. He asked one of his Bhangi activists to dress in white and buy some fresh fruits and offer those fresh fruits with warm milk to Gandhi. Accordingly the activist went to Gandhi and offered him the fresh fruits and milk. Gandhi asked the activist to feed the fruits to his goat and further said that he does not drink milk. Babasaheb had already told his Bhangi activists that Gandhi will not eat anything offered from their hands: After this experience the Bhangi activist created a furore in the Bhangi Colony about what had happened. Gandhi sensing the trouble immediately fled from that colony.
One graduate person from the Bhangi Caste wrote a letter requesting Gandhi to appoint him to the Constituent Assembly. The Bhangi said that as Gandhi was a great person he could easily do this. Gandhi said, this graduate Bhangi has strayed away from his hereditary occupation. He doesn’t know that I am not even a 25 paise member of the Congress Party”. It is true that Gandhi had resigned from the membership of the Congress Party. Gandhi was aware of the fact that a large number of dishonest people comprised the Congress Party. He did not want to take the respon sibility of the acts of these dishonest people. He thought that this would pose a danger to his Mahatma-ship. He therefore resigned so that now people would not consider him to be responsible for the acts of others.
The congress people considered his resignation as a calamity befallen on them. They went to him and said that if he resigns from the party then how would the party run. Gandhi asked them to not worry and also said that whenever they needed him all they had to do was pass a resolution and call him. He would come and assume the leadership of the Party. Thus Gandhi did two things at a time. He wanted no responsibility of the acts of the dishonest people in the Congress Party and at the same time he did not want to relinquish the leadership of the Congress party. Whenever the Congress Party needed Gandhi they used to pass a resolution asking Gandhi to assume leadership and Gandhi too used to accept it. Gandhi was such a fraud and a hypocrite. If we get ah opportunity we would substitute the word. ‘Gandhi’ for the words ‘fraud or hypocrite’ in the dictionary. Children will learn by rote that Gandhi is the synonym for fraud and hypocrite. In the course of time only the word ‘Gandhi’ will remain and if you would happen to meet a fraud someplace you would call him by the name of ‘Gandhi’.
Thus we can see that Gandhi was never a supporter of the rights of the OBC’s. In spite of this we can see that the OBC’s still support Gandhi. I think that the blame for this should fall on the people who call themselves Ambedkarites. The people who call themselves Ambedkarites never tried to awaken the OBC’s about the real character of Gandhi. If they had done so such a calamity wouldn’t have arisen. Babasaheb has written a book, “What Congress and Gandhi have done to the Untouchables” in 1946. In a similar way we shall write the part which was incomplete, “What Congress and Gandhi have done to the Untouchables after 1946”. In a similar way we shall write:

  1. What Congress and Gandhi have done to the Scheduled Tribes?
  2. What Congress and Gandhi have done to the Other Backward Classes?
  3. What Congress and Gandhi have done to the Converted Mulnivasis?

We shall write books on such subjects providing information on how Gandhi betrayed and deceived the different communities. All relevant information shall be given to the people. If Gandhi hadn’t betrayed all these communities then independent India would never have been in the hold of Brahmins. If today independent India is in the hands of the Brahmins; it is only because of Gandhi. Gandhi is responsible for all that has happened. Gandhi was never a supporter of OBC’s. In fact he supported Varna-Vyavastha, Caste System and Untouch-abitity.
A lot of examples can be given to show how Gandhi betrayed the Adivasis. I want to mention an important example here. When Lord Wavell was the governor general of India in 1946 it was the official position of the British Govern-ment that power would be transferred equally to three separate entities i.e. Hindus, Mussalmans and the SC/ST’s. Equal share in power would be given to these three separate elements. When the Communal Award was declared on 17th August 1932 the British accepted that if and when the Draft constitution was formed then the condition( Equal share in Power to be given to the Hindus, Muslim and the SC’s/ST’s) for the Transfer of Power would be incorporated in it. In his speech that was broadcast on radio, Lord Wavell referred to the official position of the British Government and reiterated that equal share in power would be given to the three separate elements during Transfer of Power, Gandhi immediately sent a telegram opposing the implied meaning in the contents of Wavell’s speech. Babasaheb himself was aware of the ongoing proceedings. Babasaheb procured a copy of Gandhi’s telegram and included it as a part of the appendix of his book, “What Congress and Gandhi have done to the Untouchables”. It means there is documentary evidence that the British wanted to transfer power equally to three separate elements. The British left India in 1947. The question is what could have happened between 1946 and 1947 that made the British refuse to give the SC’s/ST’s their share of power. Who is the person responsible for this? Lord Mountbatten became the Governor General of India after Lord Wavell. Lord Mountbatten was unwilling to come to India. The Labour Party had won the elections in England then. The Conservative Party had lost the elections. Winston Churchill was the leader of the Conservative Party. The Conservative Party of England was in favour of giving us our rights. The Congress is the conservative party in India and Brahmin caste is the conservative caste. The Brahmins do not want to give us any rights but the Conservative Party of England was in favour of giving us our rights. Clement Atlee was the leader of the Labour Party when the Labour Party won the elections in England. Clement Atlee called back Lord Wavell and appointed Lord Mountbatten in his place. Lord Mountbatton was from a royal family. Lord Mountbatten did not want to involve in this matter of Transfer of Power’ as it was a complex issue according to him. After much persuasion from Clement Atlee, Lord Mountbatten finally decided to come to India though on the condition that any decisions he made in Delhi would not be interfered with by the British Government. Normally any con-dition put forward by any governor general would not have been accepted but Clement Atlee acquiesced to Mountbatten’s conditions. After coming to India Mountbatten devised a strategy to seek approval of Gandhi to a smooth Transfer of Power. Mountbatten sought to first seek the approval of Gandhi’s two hands i.e. Sardar Patel and Pandit Nehru. He deputed his wife to seek Nehru’s compliance. Whether she made him understand we do not know, but Nehru consented. Mountbatten told Sardar Patel that he (Sardar) was already an old man and if he wished to use the Power that would be got from India’s independence; he should consent to the devised scheme of Transfer of Power’.
Nehru consented because he knew that the Muslim majority areas would go to Pakistan and it would then be easy for him to rule India. Muslims had separate electorates and if the Muslims opposed him in Parliament then it would be difficult to rule India smoothly. If Pakistan was formed then he would get rid of this tension and the Brahmins would retain control over the rest of India. When Gandhi’s two greatest supporters consented to the formation of Pakistan, Mountbatten invited Gandhi for a meeting. When Gandhi received the invitation to the meeting with Mountbatten he asked Maulana Azad who was with him at that time whether he (Maulana) would support him if he (Gandhi) opposed the Creation of Pakistan. Maulana Azad said that he would support Gandhi if Gandhi opposed the creation of Pakistan. With Maulana’s support Gandhi went to meet Mountbatten. Mountbatten said, “Perhaps you are aware of the fact that Sardar Patel and Nehru have given their assent to the formation of Pakistan. Both of your greatest supporters have given their support to my scheme so you too should give your support to the formation of Pakistan.” Gandhi asked what he would get if he were to support the formation of Pakistan. Clever as he was Mountbatten asked what it was that Gandhi wanted. Gandhi said if the transfer of power was made only to the Hindus and the Muslims then he would consent to the formation of Pakistan. This meant that the share of power that was to be given to the SCs/ STs was not to be given. This also meant that the Muslim majority would go to Pakistan and the rest of India would remain in the hands of the Brahmins alone. Mountbatten had only one thing in his mind and that was to get rid of this headache i.e. “The problem of Transfer of Power”. And anyway he had already told Clem-ent Atlee that the British government must not interfere in his decisions. Mountbatten told Gandhi to give his approval for the Creation of Pakistan and in return he would accept Gandhi’s proposal. Thus a compromise was reached. We do not have anything regarding this in a written form. Afterwards the British contacted Dr. Ambedkar and informed him that the third share in power will not be given. When Babasaheb came to know of this he went to England. He met the leaders of the Labour Party in England who told him that they cannot help him on this issue and he should speak with Gandhi. Dr. Ambedkar then went to meet and discuss with Churchills. Churchills said that as he was not in the government anymore he cannot do much but he promised to raise this issue in the Parliament. Addressing Mr. Atlee, Churchill asked in whose hands was this transfer of power made. The people to whom this transfer of power was made are nothing but dishonest and looters, said he. Churchill’s speech delivered in the British Parliament is available in record. Gandhi did not feel any remorse for sacrificing the rights of the SCs and the STs to create Pakistan because he believed in the Dharma—Dharma which considers proper and correct to sacrifice of the rights of the Shudras and the Ati-Shudras. Gandhi thought it proper to approve of the creation of Pakistan but he denied giving any rights to the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes. From this viewpoint Gandhi is the biggest Brahmanwadi. Gandhi was a supporter of Varna-Vyavastha, Caste-System and Untouchability. He was opposed to the right of the OBC’s and the Adivasis. When we say that Gandhi was a Brahmanwadi, people ask us that if Gandhi was a Brahmanwadi then why did the Brahmins shoot Gandhi.
We should understand at what point of time the Brahmins killed Gandhi. Pakistan was formed in those areas where religious conversions took place on a massive scale. Because of the religious conversions to Islam, the population of the Muslims increased in those areas. The increase in the population of Muslims in some areas directly resulted in the formation of Pakistan. The reason behind the increase in population of the Muslims is religious conversion. The main reason behind religious conversions is the Brahman Dharma which regarded the Shudras and the Ati-Shudras with contempt. That is why the Shudras and the Ati-Shudras accepted Islam. Thus Brahman Dharma is the root cause behind the Creation of Pakistan.
At that time there was an ongoing discussion as to why Pakistan was formed. If this discussion was allowed to continue people would have slowly come to the natural conclusion that the Brahman Dharma was the root cause of the Creation of Pakistan. The Brahmins thought, “If people come to this conclusion then the Brahman Dharma will be so defamed that people will start opposing it vehemently. If this happens, then Brahman Dharma wilt be in serious danger. Throughout his life Gandhi defended the Brahman Dharma and it would be so appropriate that he dies defending it”. Hence a Brahmin shot Gandhi dead.
Before Gandhi’s assassination there was an ongoing discussion on the Creation of Pakistan. If this discussion was allowed to continue the Brahman Dharma would have been seriously defamed. Brahman Dharma would have ceased to exist. The discussions on why Pakistan was formed had to be stopped in order to prevent the defamation of the Brahman Dharma. These discussions could be stopped only in one situation—an occurrence of such an incident which will divert the attention of the people from the topic of Pakistan. After Gandhi’s death the discussions on the topic of Pakistan stopped. And “Why Gandhi was killed?” became the subject of discussions and debate amongst the people. The defamation of the Brahman Dharma stopped the next day after the Brahmins killed Gandhi. The Brahmins wrote that before Gandhi breathed his last he uttered the words, “Hey Ram!” Ram is a symbol of the Brahman religion. Thus Gandhi Was made to defend the Brahman Dharma even while dying. After Gandhi’s death the words “Hey Ram” were engraved on his grave by the great socialist (?) Jawaharlal Nehru. If a foreigner were to visit his grave, Gandhi of-course would not be seen but the words would be glaringly visible. Nehru’s government made this decision to engrave those words on Gandhi’s grave. Recently news was printed in a newspaper about the person who was a personal assistant to Gandhi. This person said that Gandhi never uttered those words while dying. He also mentioned that he was standing next to Gandhi on that day. The question is why has he remained quite for more than 50 years?
This is a carefully planned policy. The Congress people must have asked the personal assistant of Gandhi to say this. Ram does not belong to Congress now as the RSS, VHP and BJP have already claimed him. In Gandhi’s time Ram belonged to the Congress but today he belongs to the RSS. Gandhi’s association with Ram benefits the RSS—BJP. Congress thinks that in the present times Gandhi’s image should be projected as a secular one. The words, “Hey Ram” project the religious image of Gandhi. To create a secular image of Gandhi it is being conveyed through Gandhi’s PA that Gandhi never uttered those words. For fifty long years this personal assistant never mentioned what he heard or what he did not hear and now he tells us that he heard Gandhi say nothing while dying!!
On this subject, “Why Gandhi was killed?” the Congress propagates that Gandhi was a supporter of the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes and the Other Backward Classes and for this reason he was killed. But what is the truth? Gandhi was never a supporter of Bahujan Samaj but he was a supporter of Brahminism. Gandhi was not killed because he. Supported the Scheduled Castes, the Sched-uled Tribes and the Other Backward Classes. He was killed fora different reason. Some people say that he was killed because he approved the partition of India. Most people remember this statement of Gandhi which said that even if his body was cut into two pieces he shall not approve of the creation of Pakistan.
‘ People are completely unaware of this fact that the resolution for the creation of Pakistan was passed in the meeting of the Congress Working Committee with the support of Gandhi. After the Partition, Gandhi had urged Nehru to give 55 crore rupees to Pakistan. Gandhi must have thought that in order to secure the support of the Indian Muslims to the Congress Party, it was necessary to support the Pakistani Muslims. By doing this—thought Gandhi—the Indian Muslims would always stand behind him. As I am a Congressman—thought Gandhi—Muslims eventually would support the Congress Party. A political equation was at work behind Gandhi’s idea of giving 55 corers to Pakistan. Gandhi wanted to reinforce the Brahmin rule in India which he had established. The Muslims blindly stood behind the Congress Party till 1977 due to the tactics of Gandhi. After the emergency i.e. after 1977 Muslims started to move away from the Congress for the first time. Whenever disputes arose between Sardar Patel and Nehru, Gandhi mediated and settled the disputes. Jawaharlal Nehru should have no problems— thought Gandhi worriedly. Gandhi was playing the part of a Rajpurohit to reinforce the Brahmin rule. Gandhi had announced that Nehru was his successor. Nehru allotted 60% tickets to Brahmins and got 56% Brahmins elected to the Parliament thereby establishing the superiority and dominance of the Brahmins over Parliament. Not Nehru alone but Gandhi too was responsible for establishing the dominance of the Brahmins over the Parliament. After receiving such a huge majority Nehru enacted such laws which brought the Parliament, Executive, Judiciary and the Press under the control of the Brahmins.
Today Brahmins possess an absolute and uncontrolled control over power. Today the Congress, BJP and the Communist Party are controlled by the Brahmins. The Brahmins constitute the ruling party, the opposition party as well as the third front. Thus they have absolute power. Gandhi was responsible for all this. Whether people believe it or not we shall propagate this. Those who agree with us we will take them with us. Those who do not we shall wait for them. I believe that the people will definitely come to us. They have nowhere to go. They do not have any alternative. And we shall wait for them. When they understand our stand they shall come to us. We will march ahead with our beliefs.
If the OBCs want a Mahatma then there cannot be a greater Mahatma than Jotirao Phule. Gandhi wanted Jotirao Phule’s certificate. So he went to Poona and said that Jotirao Phule was a ‘true’ Mahatma. In his own heart Gandhi believed that he (Gandhi) was a false Mahatma. Jotirao Phule is a true Mahatma.
Gandhi’s specialty was his honesty. Gandhi used to say with perfect honesty that he believed in the Varna-Vyavastha and the Caste System. He used to say openly that he was not in favour of giving any rights to the Untouchables. His disciples however are treacherous and deceitful. They oppose us but they do not say so. As compared to his disciples Gandhi was an honest enemy.
Congress pretends to support us because it wants us to gain our support. It wants our people to stand behind them. They want to create public opinion in their support. We shall learn a good deal of things by unveiling the truth behind Gandhi’s assassination. If you support Gandhi you are directly supporting Brahmanism. Gandhiji was a supporter of Congress and Brahminism. If you support Gandhi you will directly support Congress. You cannot fight a Freedom Struggle by supporting Gandhi and Brahminism. If you wish to fight this war for independence you have to fight against Gandhi. This is not a personal fight. This war has to be fought on an ideological plane. The ideas and thoughts of this war should be propagated to the people.”

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