12. Sanskritisation is not only Sanskritisation, but it is a part of conspiracy under Brahmanisation and Slaverisation, to divide the Mulnivasi Bahujans and make them slaves – Waman Meshram

The 12th Madhya Pradesh state convention was organised in the capital city Bhopal. Speaking on the topic “The brahmanisation of Mulnivasi Tribals-Campaign not only to make them Hindu, but to end their identity of Indigenous Tribals.”, Mr. Waman Meshram, national president, BAMCEF said that the word Brahmanisation means a system atic program which Brahmins had implemented to make the Mulnivasis (Indigenous) slave. Usually Brahmins propagate that their religion is a religion, but we consider it as a conspiracy they had devel oped the social system, which they propagated as one of the best social system, but we say that it is the conspiracy to divide the Mulnivasi Samaj. They had developed the social system and divided it into 4 parts. Then they further divided the Varna system into caste system and made degraded caste system by dividing the indigenous into 6000 castes. Indi rectly they wanted to divide the strength of mulnivasis into pieces. Our enemy wants to make us slave. It is the rule of nature that for every action there is reac tion. But though we are slaves, there is no reaction from the slaves. Why it is so? They had made a conspiracy and divided the Mulnivasis to such a small group that they will never stood up for any reaction or anti-revolution and will always remain slave.
Sanskritisation is not Sanskritisation but “Brahmanisation” Brahmanism is the established concept of social science. Dr. Srinivasan from South India had given the concept of “Sanskritisation”. In this con cept he had said that SC/ST/OBC slowly followed/ adopted the tradition, life style of arya-brahmins Once Brahmins were eating the flesh of cows and the same was adopted by backwards Now Brah mins had stopped eating cow flesh, same has been followed by backward castes. In Bihar, the Kurmis had stopped the widow marriage as the same was stopped by Brahmins.
Dr. Srinivasan had given the name of Sanskritisation” to this process of imitation and fol lowing. Dr. Srinivasan had given a long thought for. Choosing the word “Sanskritisation”, as he himself is a Brahmin. He had not said it brahamanisation but said that it is “Sanskritisation”. Bvsaying this he had achieved two objectives. The rights of Brahmins had saved through it and due to the word Sanskrit, which is the symbol of brahmanisation was also put for ward.
To follow the brahmanical system, brahmanical life style, brahmanical ideology and implement it is nothing but “Brahmanisation” If you are following the brahmanical system then directly or indirectly you will become mental slave of Brah mins. This is the program of Arya Brahmins to make us slave. Thus it can be called as “Slaverisation”
Today’s topic is of brahmanisation or Slaverisation of Mulnivasi tribals. Brahmins are not ready to identify Adivasis (Tribals) as Adivasis, but they are saying “Vanvasis”. In Adivasis there are no” castes but tribes do exist. Tribes in hindi is called as “Kabilas”. There is specific religion, rules, regula tions, traditions and culture of tribals there are castes in scheduled castes and backward castes. Because some time back they had given consent to Brahmin Dharma. But Tribals had never given their consent to “Brahmin Dharma”. Hence the dharma and castes could not get entry into Tribals. This is also a historical reason. But it needs to be analysed why Brahmins call the tribals as “Adim Jati”.
Adivasi is a short and easily understandable word. Gandhi used to call Adivasis as “Girijan” and SC’s as “Harijan”. The word “Girijan” means the people who are residing in the forests, as the word Giri stands for “Forests full of mountains” and Jan stands for people. But Arya Brahmins were not sat isfied with these words so they developed new word and are calling Adivasis as “Vanvasis”. The word “Vanvasi” stands for the people who are residing in Van (Forests). The question arises before us is that why at all Brahmins wants to hide the word “Adivasis”. The word “Adi” reflects the meaning of “Who is residing from the start” and “Vasi” means staying. The persons who are staying from the start are called as “Adivasis”. It is as simple. This funda mental analysis is very much clear to Brahmins. When one says that persons living from start then it reflects the other meaning, then who is not residing here from the start’? Who had came from outside.9 Brahmins are very much scared of this historical fact. The per sons who had developed the word “Adim Jati”, “Vanvasi” and “Girijan” is the Brahmin They are very much cleared about themselves that they are not the original inhabitants of this land. Hence they are hiding the word Adivasis and identifying the tribals with different names.
There exists “Totam System” among the Adivasis. In this system they used to adopt one sym bolic word for their group. Totam system is the es tablished concept of social science. When arya-brahmins developed the Varna system, they kept us in Shudra Varna. They further divided the Shudras and formed new group of Ati-Shudras. Now they are making a conspiracy to identify these groups as “Hindus” Every time Brahmins are changing the names. Our people are not knowing by changing the name what exactly happens. If your identity is changed, your entire history is changed. History is the wealth of the Indigenous Every Community is need of wealth for the growth of upcoming genera tions. The arya-brahmins are not only changing the identity of the Indigenous but are trying to heap their created identity, their ideology, their thinking on the Adivasis. They are not only changing the name of Adivasis, but they are declaring them Hindus and trying to impose all the Hindu culture on them In Gujarat various type of Sanyasis are go ing to Tribal areas and propagating their stones by giving the ambition of food But they are so clever that unless and until you listen all the story they don’t give you the food. Like this they are trying their best to impose their history on the Indigenous. Slowly slowly their history becomes our history and our own history is forgotten by our people. So this is the con spiracy and needs to be exposed and make aware all the indigenous about this. That’s what BAMCET is doing. This year two state level tribal convention were organised and in coming future before the month of November another three are going to be organised.

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