10. Creating people who can think, is a sort of revolution. BAMCEF in last 20 years, has created such people. This is its greatest achievement – D.K.Khaparde

Mr. D.K. Khaparde, National Presidentof BAMCEF presided over the inaugural session. In his presidential address, he said, why we chose to invite Dr. Yogendra Yadav as a chief guest. Because we want to have dialogue with the intellectuals of our society, working in different fields. But the scope of our dialogue is not unlimited. It is limited to only those communities, who are part of bahujan samaj.
Referring to Dr. Yadav’s suggestion of having dialogue with other progressive people, he told him that when Jotiba Phuley fomed Satya Shodhak Samaj in 1871, Justice Ranade wanted to join the Samaj. But Puuley did not allow him, though Ranade was progressive. Phuley told Ranade to preach his progressivism to brahmins, his caste men. Phuley said that our people are borned progressive, hence they do not need to borrow progressivisrn of brahmins.The same situation exits even today, about the so called upper caste socialists and Marxists. They are less egalitarian and more castist. Hence dangerous.
Maharashtra is big centre of the so called upper caste socialists. They conducted combined movement of Dalits and women under one banner. It did not benifit I ho Dalit women. Instead, it damaged them. Because the dalit educated boys started marrying brahmin girls. Thus it damaged the interest of educated dalit girls.We have experienced this from close distance. We know how these socialists finished Ambedkarite movement in Maharashtra. Hence, we tell our people that these so called egalitarian upper caste socialists / Marxists, are rogues and hence most dangerous people.
Refering to suggestion of Dr. Yadav that we should not talk only about bahujan empowerment, but entire countrie’s empowerment, Mr Kahparde said that, we have defined the 85% oppressed castes as bahujan samaj and are talking about their interests and empowerment. Is it not the empowerment of the country? In our opinion, these 85% oppressed castes only, represent the country in real sence. Brahmins keep on talking about all people, Sarvajana. But in reality they work only for narrow brahminical interests. Where as when we talk about bahujan samaj. We talk about aspirations and interests of 85% people of the country. After 20 years of our efforts, we have created some handul of people,who can think. The philosophers have said that creating persons svho can think, is a revolution of sort. We have brought this| revolution in the society. This is our greatest achievement.
He further said that the brahminical force were treating Gujarath as expreimental land. Whatever policy they wanted to apply in the country, they first were, experimenting on bahujan samaj of Gujarath Experiments of new medicines are done on animals In the same way, the brahminical forces were treating the SC/OBC and muslims of Gujarth as animals. Anti reservation movement was first started inGujarth only which created conflict between SC/ST and OBCs. Can now they launch such anti-reservation movement against in Gujarth. Has incidents of communal riots against muslims reduced? This is the change that has come in Gujarth, because of constant efforts of BAMCEF in last 10 years of so. This is the achievement of BAMCEF. But this change is not limited to Gujarath alone. It is visible in the entire country. Take example of U. P. In U.P the SCs and OBCs are now thinking of coming together, whether their leaders come together or not. A dialogue is going on among them. We will have to encourage this dialogue and ideological churning.
Talking about third force in the country.Mr. Khaparde said that such a third force has not emerged yet. It is in the process of making.The indications of emergence of third force are visible today throughout the country, especially inU.P. The United Front or the so called third front is not the third force. The third| force is the force of the oppressed castes, which is yet to take a concrete shape. But it is in the process of emerging. Today brahminical forces are in govt. as well as in opposition. But the politics of the country will take real shape, when the bahujan-vadi people will be in power, as well as in opposition. Politics is the mirror of the society. Whatever is happening in society, its reflection comes in politics. Hence, it is necessary first to bring change in the society, so that a change can reflect in politics. BAMCEF is engaged in bringing awakening among these oppressed communities, who do not at all think, despite the movements of Phuley-Shahu-Ambedkar. But now these communities have started thinking. So the ruling castes have become frightened. The oppressed castes are in process of thinking and awakening only. They are yet to begin their action. Still the ruling castes are frightened. But when we begin our action, what will be their fate. The condition of our people is such that unless you repeat same thing 10-20 time, they do not understand. This is the condition of even educated people. Hence, if we want to prepare the people ideologically, we will have to put ideas before them in clear langage, so that they identity, their enemy and friends very clearly. Hence that stage has not come to have dialogue with progressive and equality based organisations of upper castes. The tragedy of our people is that, they have produced good administrators, doctors, engineers and scientists, but not good leaders and good preachers. Why because, we have not yet prepared our society capable of thinking.
Talking about economic aspects, he said some times back, a conference of dalit stuednts of J.N.U. was held to discuss economic development of SCs. I want to tell all such people, that this talk of economic development is frutile unless, we launch the struggle for annhilatipn of caste and take the struggle to some decisive stage. Then only, we can imagine about our economic development. Because, our economic development is connected with our struggle for annhilation of caste. BAMCEF wants to put together all the 6000 pieces of castes of bahujan samaj and make one whole of these pieces. This can not be done, without bringing ideological change in them. But for this purpose. We need a dialogue among these 6000 pieces. We began this process of dialogue 20 years ago.Now this process is getting hastened and to day we need to convert this Sanvad (dialogue) into Susanvad (fruitful dialogue). This is our priority. Hence, we can not have dialogue with others, unless our priority is over.
BAMCEF is not a platform of narrow thinking people. We have a broad goal and broad vision. BAMCEF is trying to give a point of view, a vision to the oppressed communities. Maharashtra, from where the movement of Phuley-Shahu-Ambedkar began, was, countered by brahmins, For that, they used Shivaji, brahminised his image and through it countered the movement. BAMCEF has now launched a campaign on this issue and the tesults are encouraging.The Marathas and OBCs of Maharashtra, who. Were brahmanised by brahmins, have now started realizing their mistakes and are now coming forward to join the forces of change. This broad vision is a gift of BAMCEF.
Mr. Khaparde further said that Marxism-Socialism may be the ideology of equality. But it has its own limitations. Babasaheb always used to say that we are poor, because-we are backward. Unless we remove our backwardness we can not get rid of our poverty. We have a example of Jagjivan Ram. He became rich out of politics. But upto end, he remained chamar-untouchable. Even Congress teated him like untouchable, used him and threw him out. Hence our struggle is against annhilation of caste. Our priority is Phuley-Ambeclkarism, which is the ideology of caste annhilation. Marxim-socialism is-secondary to us. We can make use of marxism-socialism at a opportue time. But that stage has not come yet.
At the end, he said that BAMCEF is an organisation of intellectual class of oppressed castes. We want to first prepare this intellectals ideologically, develop some basic understanding in them and through them prepare the entire bahujan samaj for the movement. Since 20 year, we are doing this. We succeeaded to certain extent. But the results are before us now. The results are broad and huge. If we do our job with more speed, I am confident that in coming 25 years or so, we can bring revolutionary changes in the country, which will be visible to every body and entire world

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